Los Banos Start-Up Opens For Business

Los Banos Rental Yard, located in Los Banos, Calif., in California’s agriculture-rich central valley, opened for business last week.

David Lourenco, who founded the company with his partner Mark Heggy, told RER the company had about 20 customers during its first few days of operation and “we expect a lot more over the spring and summer,” Lourenco said. Lourenco and Heggy, who have about 15 years experience in the rental industry between them, are running the operation themselves, with help from Lourenco’s father Frank Lourenco.

Lourenco and Heggy previously worked at Sorensen’s, a Just Ask rental center, the only other rental business in town. “We saw that they were getting all the business here and we felt we could do the same ourselves,” Lourenco said.

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