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Cutting System

Cutting System

Homeowners and contractors can quickly turn their string trimmer into a powerful blower — and eliminate tangled string — with the new second generation Aero-Flex endurance cutting system, which replaces weak bump and auto advance fishing string systems by using two flexible teardrop-shaped nylon lines that are fitted into matching grooves inside the cutting head and exit the head as four powerful trimming lines. Rotating the trimmer head 90 degrees provides precision edging along sidewalks, curbs and flowerbeds. Also, replacing the cutting lines with Aero-Flex downdraft lines converts the trimmer into a blower/sweeper. The trimmer head fits on the shaft of most major brand gas trimmers, and the line elements are snapped into grooves, eliminating spools, tiny springs and other moving parts inside traditional string trimmer heads. 888-880-2376

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