Rermag 11147 Skyjack Delivers To North West China Shanxi Shung Tong1000

Skyjack Sells MEWPs to Rental Company in Northwest China

May 1, 2019
Skyjack made its first delivery into northwestern China earlier this month.

Skyjack made its first delivery into northwestern China earlier this month. Shaanxi Shuntong Equipment Rental is one of North Western China’s largest supplier of road machinery and aerial equipment. Its rental products have worked on high profile projects throughout the region and they are adding Skyjack’s machines to their equipment lineup.

“Skyjack’s reputation for reliable machines was brought forward to us from some of our partners and we’re excited to place our first order with them,” said Mr. Yang, owner at Shaanxi Shuntong Equipment Rental. “A lot of the projects our customers work on are in tight spaces where having equipment that’s easily maneuverable is critical to completing the job at hand.”

The rental company added Skyjack’s SJIII 4632 DC scissor lift, which is drivable at full height and features a maximum working height of 38 feet (11.58 m), 450 pounds (204 kg) capacity, and lifts and lowers in less than 60 seconds. The electric scissor lift comes standard with a 4-foot (1.22 m) roll-out extension deck, which brings its overall platform length to 91 inches. (2.31 m).

“After meeting with Mr. Yang, it was clear that increased uptime was a key consideration for their fleet, which is a perfect fit for Skyjack’s simple and reliable philosophy,” said Jack Dai, account manager of sales for Skyjack in Greater China. “We design our equipment to have all service points easily accessible should our customer, or the end user need it, and use off the shelf parts wherever we can to reduce turnaround time for our customers.”

Skyjack has gained a lot of traction within China over the past year, and it credits its network of customers, external service technicians, and team members.

“Skyjack’s straight forward and simplistic approach was exactly what we were looking for,” Mr. Yang said.