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HERC Opens Energy Services Branch in Bordeaux, France

Dec. 6, 2013
Hertz Energy Services opened a new location in Bordeaux, France, a growing urban area with a series of ongoing major infrastructure projects.

Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. has launched a new Hertz Energy Services location in Bordeaux, France. The new facility offers large-scale power solutions to provide cost-efficient, reliable electricity to the industrial, construction, commercial, film production, shipping, special events and utilities sectors. The branch is the fifth HES location in France and serves customers in Bordeaux, Gironde department, and southwest France.

The metropolis of Bordeaux is the sixth-largest urban area in France and has grown more than 1 percent per year for 10 years primarily because of positive net immigration. Since 1995, Bordeaux and the surrounding region have gone through significant urban and economic change. Its series of major infrastructure projects, new transport links and urban development has attracted a wide variety of industry and commerce, the company said.

“With its continued commitment to industrial growth, France is an important market for Hertz Equipment Rental and its Hertz Energy Services business,” said Lois Boyd, group president HERC. “Bordeaux and the surrounding region is undergoing exciting developments in industry, construction, events and shipping. We are experiencing strong demand from these sectors for our large-scale power solutions, which feature state-of-of-art power generation and associated equipment supported by our specialist industry consultancy and maintenance services.”

The global Hertz Energy Services business has operated in France since 1998, 10 years after HERC began doing business in the country. HES offers planning, installation, technical supervision, 24/7 support, refueling, redundant power, contingency planning and maintenance.

HERC has about 360 locations in the United States, Canada, China, France, Spain and Saudi Arabia. Based in Park Ridge, N.J., HERC is No. 3 on the RER 100.