Photo by ANA Inc.
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Alliance North America (ANA) Provides United Rentals with Energy Boss Hybrid Energy Systems

Feb. 25, 2023
ANA and United Rentals partner to offer solutions that help customers meet their sustainability objectives.

ANA Inc. is joining forces with United Rentals to provide Energy Boss hybrid energy systems, offering a cost-effective and sustainable rental solution.

Energy Boss products combine next-generation touchscreen operator interfaces with intuitive and user-friendly graphics, GPS asset tracking, 24/7 monitoring, data collection, and other industry standards to deliver performance. By offering a comprehensive solution, Energy Boss can help customers reduce their energy costs while significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, its long-term usability gives customers the assurance that they will get a return on their investment over a period of 15 years or more. This partnership offers an unprecedented solution, providing cost and environmental benefits that are essential for a sustainable future.

According to Mike Niemela, the CEO of ANA, "The Energy Boss’ innovative design will revolutionize the way we look at energy consumption and is a first step on our journey to zero emissions."

ANA Inc. is headquartered in Henderson, Nev.