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DICA Expands Ground Protection Mats to Include Access Mats

April 26, 2022
LibertyMats have built-in handholds and a chevron traction surface designed for lighter-duty equipment and pedestrian use.

DICA is expanding its ground protection products, with  the addition of new access mats. Light-duty LibertyMats join the current ground protection mat product line. A new access mat product line provides solutions for temporary roadways, and includes heavy-duty TuffTrak XL, a combination ground protection/access mat, and TuffTrak XT, an overlapping and interlocking access mat designed to support mobile or crawler equipment.

“Ground protection mats increase uptime, allow work to happen in wet sloppy conditions, help contractors present a professional image, and eliminates leaving a lasting and ugly impression in customers' yards,” said Kris Koberg, CEO. “Access mats provide temporary roadways for equipment working in longer term applications. The original AlturnaMats are still the most durable and best-selling ground protection mats on the market. The 4'x8' LibertyMat is a lighter-duty, less expensive sibling in our ground protection mat product line. In addition, we are debuting a new category of access mats, featuring TuffTrak XL and TuffTrack XT.”

LibertyMats have built-in handholds and a chevron traction surface designed for lighter-duty equipment and pedestrian use. This cost-effective ground protection option is a solution for applications like walkways, work platforms, and storage areas.

TuffTrak XL is a multi-purpose heavy-duty ground protection and access mat designed for extra wide applications and is capable of supporting mobile equipment on wheels or crawlers. The 13-foot,6-inch wide mats are nearly 7 feet long and can be installed with 4-foot tines. This durable mat has a load-bearing capacity of 150 tons making it useful for heavy construction, fracking, oil and gas, wind and solar farms, and electrical transmission applications.

The TuffTrak is XT 13 feet 6 inches x 6 feet 8 inches overlapping and interlocking access mats are light weight, durable access mats. They are designed to remain rigid and do not conform to the subsurface. The internal closed-cell foam design prevents water penetration and helps make the mats buoyant, which makes them usable for wetlands, marshlands, peat bogs, and river deltas. They are made  for use as a temporary roadway, working areas for heavy plant and machinery, or drill rig platforms.

DICA's expanded line up of engineered and environmentally friendly ground protection and access mats provide reliable temporary roadways, access points, walkways, and working platforms for a wide range of equipment, applications, and ground conditions.