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U.K. Entrepreneur-Engineer Acquires A Mini Crane Hire

Sept. 25, 2020
Liverpool, U.K.-based A Mini Crane Hire, has been acquired by entrepreneur Mark Davenport, the company announced.

Liverpool, U.K.-based A Mini Crane Hire, has been acquired by entrepreneur Mark Davenport, the company announced. Founded in 2009, A Mini Crane Hire has a fleet of 90 mini-cranes and 50 spider cranes, a mini crawler and two-tonne pick & carry cranes. It also has glass handing attachments, robots and other equipment from locations in London and Liverpool. Total assets were £2.74 million according to U.K. press reports.      

Davenport, a qualified engineer with more than 20-years of multi-sector experience working at the managing director level, has ambitious growth plans for the company over the next four to five years. This includes expansion of its operations across the U.K., job creation, establishing a strong management team, and a £1.5 million investment to refurbish the existing fleet and introduce new equipment, including nine all-electric cranes, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to sustainability.

Despite the pandemic, according to Davenport, the company’s business is back where expected, with annual revenue still expected to be more than £5 million. A Mini Crane Hire has also recently recruited two new salespeople to grow revenue and a new branch manager in Liverpool.

“A Mini Crane Hire is a very capable business, with a strong reputation in the market,” said Davenport. “We have a highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team who are passionate about safety, customer service and getting the job done. My vision is to build on this, strengthen the team further, invest in sales and marketing communications, expand the fleet, and improve our information flows and communications to drive growth.

“We also remain fully committed to sustainability and will continue to make incremental changes that will serve our community and benefit the planet. With that in mind, we will welcome nine new electric-powered cranes to the fleet later this year, plus our first electric car for one of our new sales employees. As part of this investment, we are also in the process of refurbishing the existing fleet, ensuring that we are maintaining the high standard of customer service that we are known for.”

Davenport said he expect that most of the company’s fleet will be refurbished by the end of the year, and will be adding new equipment, such as a larger crane, glazing robots, tracked carriers and a truck-mounted crane. The company will develop a new website, he said, and have better communications systems.