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Product of the Week - Terex RL-4 light tower

Product of the Week - Terex RL-4 light tower

Terex has redesigned its RL-4 light tower, pairing the vertical mast and larger 45-gallon fuel tank with the ability to get 17 units on a trailer.

The Terex RL-4 light tower is 23.4 ft (7.13 m) in height with a width of 59 in (150 cm), and a stowed length of 85 in (215 cm). It has a dry weight of 1,461 lbs (663 kg) and has four metal halide 1,000-watt lamps. High density polyethylene covers are designed to eliminate corrosion and dents, and the vertical mast with an internal mast brake offers 359 degree non-continuous tower rotation and a retractable mast cable. 

The light tower’s new vertical mast is designed to cut set up time by using only one winch for quick operation. Being able to stow the mast on top of the unit instead of hanging over the end reduces the potential that the unit will be damaged in transit. The light tower also offers a smaller footprint, enabling the hauling of up to 17 units on a 48-foot trailer instead of the 10-unit limit associated with the previous model.

Previously, the Terex RL-4 light tower had a 30-gallon tank and provided approximately 60-hours of run time. The new RL-4  light tower has a 45-gallon tank and a more efficient engine, designed to extend the run time to as long as 90 hours. The RL-4 light tower also has an optional autostart feature which uses a photocell or timer to turn on the unit automatically and run without having to manually start it. By increasing the run time by up to 50 percent, the unit can provide light up to seven nights on one tank of fuel, according to the OEM.

The new Terex RL-4 has a Kohler KDW1003 3-cylinder diesel, liquid-cooled engine with a 6.0kW power configuration. Kohler worked with Terex to make the engine quieter with less vibration. The companies also fitted the RL-4 with a larger oil pan so it can go about 500 hours between oil changes.

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