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Ritelite Quad Pod K65 Mobile Lighting Towers

Ritelite Systems Limited’s Quad Pod K64 Mobile Lighting Towers Now Offer Beam Control

Aug. 30, 2022
Ritelite Quad Pod K65 Mobile Lighting Towers with their safety, performance and mobility features, now offer Ritelite Beam Control, which gathers the maximum light emitted from the LEDs and enables the user to optimize the light on worksite areas.

Ritelite (Systems) Limited, based in Stamford, UK., is a manufacturer of mobile and portable industrial work light solutions designed to meet the specific demands of the construction and hire industry.

Launching officially at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany, the new Ritelite Quad Pod K65 Mobile Lighting Towers with their safety, performance and mobility features, now offer Ritelite Beam Control. Ritelite’s Beam Control technology gathers the maximum light emitted from the LEDs (measured in lumens) and enables the user to optimize the light projected onto the worksite area (measured in Lux) to suit their  specific application. This results in the maximum possible “useful light” reaching the working area and minimizing the wasted light (light which is projected outside of the working area).

Wasted light can also be referred to as light pollution. Compared to the Ritelite K65 Beam Control, typical lighting tower designs project a much smaller percentage of “useful light” onto the work area therefore generating a much higher level of wasted light and light pollution. This also means a lot of energy is unnecessarily wasted.

Light pollution not only wastes energy but can also be a significant safety risks in areas close to airports, busy roads, railway tracks, as well as causing problems in neighboring residential areas. The new Ritelite K65 Beam Control lighting towers reduce wasted light, energy and light pollution by up to 70 percent compared to typical lighting tower designs, the company said.

Beam control also optimizes the uniformity of the illumination, eliminating very bright and very dark areas, which can cause visual safety hazards for workers when moving around the work site.

Specially designed optics enable the LED modules to be aligned almost parallel to the ground instead of pointing directly in the worker’s line of sight. This helps prevent accidents on the construction site caused by distraction from light glare.

The unique beam control LED light heads are driven by remote and dimmable LED drivers mounted at the base of the light mast. Compared to typical lighting towers with drivers mounted on the light heads, the weight at the top of the mast is greatly reduced, the company said. The new low profile light heads present a smaller surface area in windy conditions. These new features result in a lower center of gravity and enhanced stability in windy or adverse weather conditions.

Rapid deployment light heads enable adjustment for optimum illumination to be achieved within seconds according to the requirements of each work site. A new stepless dimming function is also included, providing the user with additional control over the illumination.

The Ritelite “Beam Control” system, delivers best in class illumination of the work site:

180° directional illumination = 20 lux average over 6868m2360° illumination = 20 lux average over 6724m2 

The Vertical Surface Illumination Mode is specially designed to provide a uniform illumination when working on the exterior walls of buildings, or any other vertical structures.

The new Ritelite K65 Beam Control lighting towers also feature a comprehensive array of safety functions designed to help protect both the user and the equipment during use.

These include:

  • A safety interlock between the mast and stability legs helps prevent raising of the mast until all legs are correctly deployed. This also prevents a leg from being raised until the mast is fully retracted. Double load security on each mast section with twin wire ropes and automatic double locking pins safely always securing the mast during deployment / operation. An automatic slack rope detection system helps protect the winch rope from damage, increasing service life and reliability.
  • High mobility and one person deployment makes it possible to illuminate areas that would be impossible with traditional lighting tower designs. Because of its unique parallel mast system, low center of gravity and low-pressure tires, the K65 Beam control can be easily moved and deployed even on soft grass and uneven terrain.      

The extremely compact design is small enough to fit through standard doorways yet powerful enough to illuminate a football pitch. With its power efficiency, the K65 Beam Control lighting towers have been optimized for use on zero emission worksites and for use with zero emission power sources including Ritelite’s own range of RITE-POWER rechargeable battery powered generators.

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