Power Tools

Power Tools

DW079KD self-leveling rotary laser

DeWalt Industrial Power Tools

The DW079KD self-leveling rotary laser from DeWalt is built with a covered rotary head cage with multiple thin struts that minimize blind spots. The laser provides accuracy at plus or minus 1/8-inch per 100 feet and has a Hi-Alert feature that turns the laser off when it is no longer level with its original position. The DW079KD has a 5mW beam, the brightest Class IIIa beam in the market. It is visible indoors up to 100 feet and has a 2,000-foot working diameter. A scan mode button displays a laser chalkline that is controlled by the wireless remote or by the control panel. Private mode on the remote control eliminates interference between multiple users. The laser is powered by DeWalt 9.6- to 18-volt batteries, providing 30 hours of run time. The DW079KD is used for internal and external applications including site, concrete and elevation leveling, excavation, post installation, multi-level construction, block-layout and benchmark.

DCH 300 electric diamond cutters


The Hilti DCH 300 Electric Cutter was specifically designed for cutting concrete with a powerful 2.6-kw motor that spins the diamond blade in the same direction as a wood-cutting circular saw, allowing for better control as operators push the saw into the cut. It can also cut steel by utilizing abrasive blades. Using its innovative low profile arbor, the DCH 300 and a 12-inch blade will cut to a depth of 4.7 inches. Cutting almost as deep as a 14-inch blade on a traditional saw, the DCH 300 with its integrated dust hood and retractable depth gauge aids in unparallelled performance. For dust-sensitive applications such as cutting indoors or in occupied spaces, the new and compact self-cleaning VC 20U or VC 40U vacuum cleaners can easily be attached. The DCH 300 also features Hilti Smart Power, an intelligent electronic control system that constantly regulates motor power to suit the material being cut and the pressure being applied to the tool. Also, it is suited for cutting concrete, granite curbstones, slabs, bricks, metal beams, steel pipes and more.

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