Innovative Product Awards: Genie S-80 Telescopic Boom Lift

June 8, 2022
Genie's S-80 telescopic boom lift is this year's Innovative Product Awards winner in the "Lifts" category.

Genie S-80 Telescopic Boom Lift

Product Category: Lifts

Key Innovation: Thanks to its optimized design and lighter weight, the Genie S-80 J telescopic boom lift is the first and only model in the 80 foot (26 m) working height category to offer a tracked option. The S-80 J adds value for equipment owners and operators alike, with an optimized design that reduces maintenance and lowers the total cost of ownership without sacrificing on quality or performance.

Manufacturer’s Description: The Genie S-80 J boom lift features an unrestricted platform capacity of 660 pounds (300 kg), 55 feet (16.8 m) of horizontal reach for access at the top of the envelope, and a 6 foot (1.8 m) jib, making it well suited for nearly all work-at-height tasks in the 80 foot (26 m) range, including general construction, maintenance, inspection and painting. A single envelope, optimized design reduces overall inspection points and wearable components, speeding up inspections and reducing the time and expense of maintenance and repairs, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. Thanks to its extremely low machine weight, the S-80 J has low ground pressure for a machine of this class size. Its low weight also allows the S-80 J to be equipped with the exclusive Genie 4-point TraX system — making it the first and only 80-foot (26 m) boom lift to be available with a tracked option. Genie TraX provides exceptional terrainability and lower contact pressure for a smooth drive on rough ground conditions, as well as reduced damage when operating on sensitive ground, such as wet grass, mud, sand and snow, and on harder, uneven gravel, rock, concrete or asphalt-based surfaces. The S-80 J weighs 24,500 pounds (11,113 kg) when equipped with tires, or 28,700 pounds (13,018 kg) with the TraX option. With a high ground clearance of 14 inches (36 cm) — or 16.25 inches (41 cm) when equipped with TraX — the S-80 J can easily clear rocks, curbs, trailer break-overs and other daily obstacles, getting operators around jobsites more efficiently. Production began on the Genie S-80 J in March 2021, with the first deliveries in the U.S. in April 2021.

RER Commentary:

The design of the S-80 telescopic boom lift was optimized to reduce the number of replaceable and wearable parts. More specifically, a simplified sensor system and controls, fewer internal electronics, and right-sized motors and pumps resulted in a 30-percent reduction in wearable components. 

“Because there are fewer replaceable parts, equipment owners will purchase fewer parts over the life of the machine, and spend less time in maintenance,” says Simone Manci, Genie applications engineer.

The S-80 also uses less hydraulics than other comparable sized machines, Genie says, which reduces the amount of hydraulic oil that needs to be replaced as well.

The single-envelope design also enables users to speed up inspections and reduce time, along with expense of maintenance and repairs.

“Again, this is related to the idea that if there are fewer parts that will become worn and need service or replacement, maintenance is faster, easier and reduces costs,” Manci says. “A single-envelope boom does not need many of the complex sensors and software that makes multiple envelopes possible. Avoiding these systems contributes to the S-80 J having has 30 percent fewer wearable parts. However, with a single- envelop design, having the right lifting capacity is critical, which is why the S-80 J features a 660-pound (300 kg) capacity throughout the entire range of the envelope. Additionally, the S-80 J’s digital load sense system with zero load calibration saves time in the field for calibration.”

The S-80 comes equipped with a tracked option called Genie TraX, which uses an innovative track design that allows for an independent, triangular track at each cover of the unit.

“Each triangular-shaped track and swivel 22 degrees up and down to easily follow undulating terrain. Active oscillating axles allow the four tracks to maintain contact with the uneven ground. This provides constant terrainability and easy maneuvering, as well as lower contact pressure, making TraX ideal for year-round work on jobsites with sensitive ground conditions like mud, snow, wet grass and sand. TraX also delivers a smooth and agile driving experience, making it well-suited for harder, uneven gravel, rock, concrete or asphalt-based surfaces,” says Manci.

The track option also reduces damage for the machine thanks to the tracks being encased in rubber, which provides a greater level of flotation than standard tires.

“This reduces ground pressure, which, in turn, helps prevent deep track marks on sensitive ground like mud, snow and wet grass. The higher level of floatation is also beneficial in terrain like sand, turf, or gravel,” Manci says.

The Genie S-80 offers a high ground clearance of 14 inches (36 cm) — or 16.25 in (41 cm) when equipped with the TraX — which Manci says can clear rocks, curbs, trailer break-overs and other daily obstacles to get around jobsites more efficiently.

“The higher you are over an obstacle, the better you can clear them,” Manci says. “So, with a high ground clearance, you don’t have to navigate around as many things on the jobsite. Additionally, the active oscillate system, which is found on not just the Genie S-80 J but other Genie booms as well, is a real benefit.  Active oscillate keeps all the tires in contact with the ground, which means full traction everywhere.”