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Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment

5240E skid loader

Gehl Company

Gehl Company announces the addition of the 5240E skid loader. The 5240E boasts lift heights up to 122 inches (with optional 12.00 tires) and excels on small, cramped jobsites with its new, compact chassis. Backed by a powerful 62-hp Tier-3 turbo-diesel engine and smooth operating hydraulics, this machine can handle any challenging project. The new 5240E has an overall machine width of only 59.7 inches (without bucket) utilizing the new offset-tire option. This narrow width allows for operation on five-foot sidewalks and access through narrow doors and gates. Even though the model 5240E may be more compact, it still provides all the power and performance necessary to complete assigned tasks.


Kubota Tractor Corp.

Kubota introduces a new high performance, power utility M59 tractor, a 59-hp TLB designed to tackle any task with supreme power and unbeatable strength. With four-wheel drive for power and stability, an integrated main frame and a heavy-duty rear axle for extended life and smooth stopping performance, the M59 has it all. The M59’s backhoe has a 12-foot digging depth and boasts more power than Kubota’s past TLB’s. It also has a bucket digging force of more than 7,600 pounds and dipper digging force of 4,731 pounds to handle even the toughest soil conditions. High-capacity hydraulic pumps allow for smooth and efficient management with virtually every material – stone, gravel, sand, silt or clay. The M59 offers convenience with a quick-mount attach/detach system for easy backhoe removal and enclosed hydraulic hoses for improved visibility and an overall cleaner design. Kubota’s M59 loader is cost and time efficient, offering increased productivity and an incredible lifting power of 3,960 pounds. With a maximum height of 10.5 feet and a 7-foot bucket, the loader makes the M59 a productive machine. The braceless frame, slanted boom and sloped-hood design improve operator visibility when changing front attachments. The M59 employs a quick-attach coupler and optional third function valve for easy use of attachments.

MTL312 track loader

Mustang Manufacturing

Mustang Manufacturing Company announces the addition of a fourth Mustang track loader, model MTL312. The new model MTL312 features a powerful 66-hp, Tier-3 EPA-certified engine, which meets stringent emissions standards and delivers exceptional performance. In addition, the compact chassis design on the model MTL312 brings the overall machine width down to 58 inches, allowing it to easily clear narrow passageways and operate with ease on cramped jobsites. Increased productivity was a key driver for the improved design of the model MTL312 track loader. A new standard foot throttle allows operators to be more fuel efficient. An improved control-handle design with additional switches puts more controls at the operator’s fingertips. Activation of the “float” function is made easier with an improved push-button.

TRX-15 and TRX 19 walk-behind trenchers

The Toro Company

Toro’s new TRX trenchers work faster and straighter than you’d ever expect from a walk-behind trencher. The TRX trenchers are the first tracked, dedicated walk-behind trenchers that have it all. Tracks — combined with Toro’s exclusive easy-to-use control system — provide unparalleled maneuverability, all while offering the ultimate in operational performance. The tracks provide a low center of gravity and large footprint that increase productivity and maneuverability without creating ruts. The TRX controls work almost exactly like those on the easy-to-use Toro Dingo — so you can train quickly and get to the jobsite faster. The simple control system allows you to trench with one hand while adjusting boom depth with the other — eliminating the ‘jerk’ steering required with other trenchers that have handlebar steering. Operators will be able to handle more jobs and complete them faster. TRX models trench up to 36 inches — plenty of depth for nearly every job. Two TRX models powered by Kawasaki twin-cylinder engines in 15 and 19 hp deliver the power operators need. It all adds up to faster trenching, which in turn adds up to faster profits.

RTX100 pedestrian trencher

Vermeer Corp.

Vermeer introduces the RTX100 pedestrian trencher with an easy-to-use intuitive steering system and interchangeable tracks and tires for the landscape, utility and rental markets. The industry-exclusive VZ Steer system allows the operator to simply move the handlebars in the direction the operator wants to move, and the machine responds. When moving, the input and pace of the operator moving the handlebar will control the angle and sharpness of the turn, allowing the operator to maneuver in and around confined spaces and around obstacles where other machines cannot. The RTX100 also features interchangeable tires and tracks, which allow the machine to be configured for maximum productivity in varying ground conditions. The unit is powered by either a 13-hp Honda GX390 or 15-hp Kohler CH15 gas engine.

BL70 backhoe loader

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment introduces the BL70 backhoe loader that features a patented safety feature to help reduce risks of downtime and the loss of revenue from overheating problems. VHSS, the Volvo Hydraulic Safeguard System, monitors the hydraulic oil temperature to prevent overheating. If the oil temperature rises above 207 degrees F, the hydraulic functions automatically go into “loader mode,” 40 hydraulic hp, instead of the normal 62 hydraulic hp. Operators can continue to work without stopping the machine and a white VHSS light will illuminate during this phase. The onboard computer continues to monitor status every seven minutes and automatically adjusts the power to optimize the cooling performance. When the temperature falls below 207 degrees F, hydraulic functions return to “backhoe mode,” 62 hydraulic hp. If the temperature continues to rise, a separate high-hydraulic-temperature (red) light illuminates and a buzzer sounds, telling the operator to stop using the hydraulics immediately but keep the engine running. The benefits of this system include longer oil and seals life, the machine never stops working, reduces the risk of overheating and it gives operators the ability to work in high-ambient, high-altitude and high-humidity conditions.

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