Interviews with Software Manufacturers: Automating Routine Tasks

Interviews with Software Manufacturers: Automating Routine Tasks

RER recently spoke with Tim Levron, vice president of sales for Corporate Services, about automatic document flow and invoice submission, integrating with other data and telematics providers and more.

RER: What are some of the advancements your customers are calling for that you’re working on?

Levron: Automating routine manual tasks has been the biggest improvements lately, from automating document flow and approvals via various workflows, to automating invoice submission via various EDI providers. We are also working on quite a few enhancements for executive dashboards and analytics.

Is strengthening the mobile functionality an important current emphasis?

Yes. As more clients express interest in mobile capability, strengthening mobile functionality is a necessity.

How important is it to be able to integrate with other types of software, for example, integration with SmartEquip and other software-related service providers?

Integrations are getting more and more important as business users and consumers are getting more tech savvy. It’s becoming commonplace to expect advanced features that may or may not exist. The key is to integrate with other providers of this data to make it as seamless as possible to get this data/expectation into your offerings.

How can your software help a rental company better analyze its cost structure and determine which equipment is profitable and which isn’t? How can your software help a rental company determine at what point a piece of equipment becomes unprofitable and should be sold?

Utilizing purchasing and repair/maintenance records is paramount to getting this information accurately. TrakQuip allows all of this data to flow into the main inventory record as well as visible on a number of different reports and dashboards. Once this information is being collected, it becomes easy for the business users to define the rules on when they believe that tipping point is reached.

How about fleet inspections and diagnostics/interface with telematics systems, what is your functionality in this arena?

We are currently working on integrations with a number of telematics providers.  In the past we have integrated with various offers from Qualcomm, Geoforce, RouteSmith, and others.

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