Interview with Bruce Carmichael: Going More Green

In RER’s June issue, we interviewed a number of manufacturers of lawn-and-garden equipment, which we are publishing in RER Reports. The national sales manager of TurfEx, Bruce Carmichael, speaks with RER about the green trend in lawn-and-garden equipment as well as the trend to make equipment more advanced and high performing.

RER: What are the main areas of technological advancement in your product line, and in the industry in general?

Carmichael: First, TurfEx has made big steps in spreader calibration. All of our spreaders come with a calibration key, and our website,, contains an electronic calibration calculator for determining the proper gate settings and auger speeds to achieve the desired application rate. Thanks to these simple tools, end users can easily adjust their spreaders to apply the right amount of material.

Also, TurfEx has incorporated adjustable spinners on all spreaders. This allows the operator to fine-tune the spread pattern and prevent an uneven application.

Overall, lawn and garden equipment is getting to be more advanced and high-performance as more people are becoming educated on the available equipment. There’s also a big push to be environmentally friendly.

What are some of the trends you see now and in the foreseeable future in your type of equipment?

Manufacturers are bringing more precise-application equipment to the market.

Is fuel efficiency a big concern in today’s market and if so, what are you doing to address that concern?

Definitely. TurfEx products have always been completely electric-powered, and we’re gaining more attention than ever because of that.

What EPA, CARB regulations or other environmental concerns are affecting your R&D, the manufacturing and marketing of your equipment?

Because our products are electric-powered, emissions regulations haven’t affected us. However, TurfEx understands there are other ways to go green, and we’ve incorporated more features to make our equipment environmentally friendly. For example, our spreaders are engineered to prevent material waste. Plus, they offer precise application, so material doesn’t fling to areas where it shouldn’t.

What are some of the trends you see in the rental industry in terms of lawn and garden equipment, and how do those trends affect your business?

More rental centers are starting to demand durable, commercial-duty equipment. They’ve realized that the short service life of cheaper products generally produces a poor return on investment. TurfEx has benefited from this trend because we’ve always offered durable equipment, and many rental centers are attracted to our two-year warranty.

Furthermore, tow-behind units and products that attach to three-point hitches are popular. Rental centers are attracted to these because of the versatility they provide. Tow-behind products can hook up to compact tractors, ATVs and utility vehicles. The standard three-point hitch system also caters well to customers with compact tractors.

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