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Northway says in advance of hurricane season generator providers need to understand educate and inventory  well in advance Photo by Allmand Bros.
Northway says in advance of hurricane season, generator providers need to understand, educate and inventory -- well in advance.

Interview with Brian Northway: Moving Towards On-Demand Power

As part of an ongoing series of interviews with generator manufacturers, Allmand Bros.’ field service manager Brian Northway talks about strategically placing several generators around a jobsite, how to ‘understand, educate and inventory’ in preparation for hurricane season, and how right-sizing generators is key to success for renting generators.

What are the latest trends and developments in generators for the rental market?

Northway: The latest Tier 4 Final emissions on diesel engines has — and will continue to — change the generator rental market.  Additionally, the rental market is undergoing a paradigm shift as rental houses work to right-size generators for the jobsite. Moving away from the one size fits all mentality will create opportunities for improved operations. Rental houses are starting to implement multiple smaller generators across a jobsite. Strategically placing several generators around the site to provide the power that’s needed, when and where it’s needed, ultimately saves run time, prevents downtime and gets the job done in a timely manner.

This is a move toward having more on-demand power as opposed to abundant power. It’s more economical and a smarter way to power jobsites of the future.

We are just around the beginning of hurricane season. What advice would you give to rental companies about how to prepare for the impact of major storms?

Northway: Understand, educate, and inventory. As a manufacturer of products that power people’s lives, hurricane season is a focal point of Allmand’s business planning. We aim to understand the buying habits of our customers to better fulfill their needs season to season.

Educating our customers is critical to preparing for hurricane season. Ensuring customers are buying the right product over time, as well as increasing their inventory leading up to hurricane season, is key to providing the end-user with the right product at the right time.

The last step in preparation is inventory. At Allmand, we have dedicated teams working hard to get this right. We want to ensure we’re able to take care of our customer in their time of need. However, there’s always a small risk that product may not be immediately available following a storm event — no matter how much we plan. It’s incredibly important for both us as the manufacturer and our customers the rental houses, to understand the need for storm preparedness. This allows us to ensure our end users have the equipment they need to react to a storm.

What are the basics that rental companies should know if they want to be successful in generator rentals?

Northway: Right sizing rentals is key. Rental companies stand to save time, money, and frustrations by ensuring the customer is using a properly sized generator for their need. While a larger generator may rent for more money — potentially growing top line business — an improperly sized generator means your bottom line will suffer in the end.

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