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Vp plc carries lowlevel access products as part of its varied inventory
Vp plc carries low-level access products as part of its varied inventory.

U.K.’s Vp plc Acquires Test & Measurement Group for £3.95 million

U.K. rental company Vp plc has acquired Test & Measurement Group for £3.95 million (about U.S. $6 million). Test & Measurement provides specialty electrical instrumentation and environmental test equipment to the utilities, electrical engineering and oil-and-gas sectors across the U.K. The company, which has been in business for 15 years, is based in Liverpool and Aberdeen.

Test & Measurement will operate within Vp’s specialist safety, survey and communications equipment rental business segment.

“The acquisition of Test & Measurement is complementary to our well-established, market-leading activities in the safety equipment rental sector,” said Vp chairman Jeremy Pilkington.

Vp, which has several segments such as Hire Station, Groundforce, UK Forks and others, is headquartered in Harrowgate, U.K.

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