Italian IMER Group Opens Turkish Production Plant

The Imer Group, a major Italian construction equipment manufacturer based in Siena, Italy, recently opened a production facility in Aksaray, Turkey. The Imer Group produces mortar spraying and conveying machinery.

The IMER - L&T company, formed by a joint venture between IMER and Turkish partner Metin Uygur, is aiming to grow its presence internationally.

“Our development strategy has always involved expansion on foreign markets,” said Silvano Bencini, president of the IMER Group. “We have therefore decided to open this new manufacturing plant to grasp all the opportunities offered by Turkey, a market with excellent development potential. We have found a strong willingness in the Turkish authorities interested in the creation of new development prospects on their territory.”

The Askaray plant, which will produce concrete mixing trucks, is located in a fast-developing industrial area. The company hopes to produce more than 1,000 mixing trucks per year within the next three years.

The IMER Group is present in more than 42 countries, including commercial branches in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Central America, the Middle East and Morocco.

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