HSS Rolls Out U.K. Super Depots

British tool and equipment rental specialist HSS Hire has opened a 2800-square-meter (about 30,000 square feet) “super depot” in Manchester, England. HSS chief executive Chris Davies said the company plans to open more super depots in various regions of the United Kingdom.

Each super depot will hold almost every item HSS stocks, and will be open 24 hours per day.

HSS opened its first and largest super depot (about 7,400 square meters or 79,600 square feet) at Heathrow, marketing to the development at and around the airport. It plans to roll out a hub and spoke system with 11 locations already open or planned. Davies said the large stores will be placed in or near highly populated areas and can replace one or two smaller rental outlets.

HSS is based in Mitcham, Surrey, England.

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