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Cramo CEO Koivula Rings NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell

Finnish equipment rental company Cramo plc rang the NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell in New York Tuesday, Nov. 13. The traditional closing bell ceremony celebrates Cramo’s upcoming 60-year anniversary as an equipment rental service provider.

The opening and closing bells of the NASDAQ Stock Market in New York mark the beginning and end of the trading day. Not many Finnish companies have the chance to participate in the ceremony in a given year. The ceremony featuring the bell ringer is broadcast live on international television channels and on the NASDAQ tower screen in Times Square.

“Equipment rental is still young as an independent industry in Europe,” said Vesa Koivula, Cramo CEO. “Sixty years ago, Cramo (known at the time as Rakentajain Konevuokraamo) was a pioneer when equipment rental started its transformation from a marginal support function storing equipment in the back yard of construction companies, to a modern industry. Today we are the second-largest player in European equipment rental and proudly call ourselves a rental services company as there is so much more we offer to our customers. Complete modern rental solutions not only play a significant role in the further development of cost efficiency and flexibility at the customer end but also in areas such as workplace safety and reduced environmental impact.

“It is great to be able to celebrate Cramo’s 60-year history at the traditional bell ceremony and at the same time convey a message about the prospects of the equipment rental industry and Cramo’s role in it.”

Based in Vantaa, near Helsinki, Finland, Cramo has facilities in 15 northern, central and eastern European countries.

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