Innovative Product Awards: Material Handling Diagnostics

June 8, 2022
Cojali's Jaltest MHE is this year's Innovative Product Awards winner in the "Miscellaneous" category.

Product Name: Jaltest MHE

Manufacturer: Cojali

Product Category: Miscellaneous

Key Innovation: Jaltest MHE is the first aftermarket tool exclusively dedicated to perform diagnostics on material handling equipment. Being an all-makes tool, Jaltest allows companies to take care of all of their machinery and carry out maintenance services by themselves, like resets or calibrations.

Manufacturer’s description: For many years, the material-handling equipment industry has been waiting for a tool capable of assisting their daily service operations. With Jaltest MHE, Cojali aims to support all the independent dealers, shops and fleets that, for so long, have been depending on third parties to run their repair work. Jaltest MHE is here to revolutionize the way to approach maintenance services for the rental equipment industry. While Jaltest OHW Diagnostics has been fixing the issues related to heavy machinery, generators, and skid-steer loaders among others, material handling equipment now emerges from the shadows and jumps to the front line. Just imagine skipping the endless dealer calls to regen diesel forklifts and be able to independently diagnose and repair both gas and electric machines by using the same platform and the same software. This new cross-product provides resources to fleet operators, rental centers, and independent shops that were nonexistent until now. With coverage on more than 50 makes, Jaltest MHE is the perfect solution for all those who need to perform diagnostics on material handling equipment. If a forklift, a telehandler, or even a lift platform needs to be diagnosed, with Jaltest MHE, it is possible. From basic fault code reading to advanced actions such as mast tilt angle calibrations, joystick calibrations or particulate filter regenerations, Jaltest allows to do maintenance, easily and effectively. All the diagnostics are in one tool.

RER Commentary: If your company is a Crown forklift dealer, you probably have a diagnostic tool that can work on any of your Crown machines to quickly diagnose a mechanical failure. Likewise, if your company is a Toyota forklift dealer, you can most likely do the same with your Toyota units. A dealer for Hyster forklifts? Genie telehandlers? Same applies. But if you work in a rental company shop and you rent a few dozen different brands of machines, you may not have access to each brand’s diagnostic capabilities. So, when a machine breaks down on a jobsite, or if a repair is urgently needed because a customer wants that particular machine right away, you might lose valuable time trying to figure out what the machine needs and how long it will take to obtain the required part or have a technician available to make the repair. Or you might have to send the machine to a dealer and not have control over that dealer’s shop schedule or list of priorities.

But you most likely can solve this problem with Cojali U.S.’ Jaltest MHE, the first diagnostic tool designed to perform diagnostics on all makes and models of material handling equipment. “When you need to repair something on your car and you take it to a shop, they hook it up to a diagnostic tool,” says, Alejandro Rios, sales and training manager, Cojali USA. “So, after years of looking at the market and investigating, we saw there was nothing like that on the market for material handling. Every brand had their own tools but there was nothing on the aftermarket for everyone. This tool can do diagnostics on everything from a small skid-steer loader up to really big mining equipment, all kinds of machines, not just forklifts.”

The Jaltest has more than 30 connectors, so chances are that one of the connectors will work with the machine that requires diagnosis. The technician hooks up the connection to a linkage box and follows the instructions from there. For now, the diagnostics tool can only be applied by being present in the shop, Rios says, but the company is working on a telematics component that can be applied remotely.

“If you have to fix a pressure reducing valve, you have to fix the PRV,” Rios notes. “If you need to replace a valve or a belt, you have to replace it. But people don’t always know how to find what the problem is.” As Rios points out, in this era of labor shortages, the diagnostics tool is especially helpful because often companies don’t have a lot of time for technicians to be searching to diagnose the cause of machine failures. And when technicians are working with wide-ranging fleets of machines, diagnostics are extremely helpful when they are working on machines with which they have minimal familiarity.

“If I bring you a machine that you never worked on before, what is your first reaction?” Rios says. “Oh, I don’t know how to do this, right? But the fundamental system is the same always and this machine will give you the answer.”

The testing tool includes all types of schematics, wiring diagrams, trouble-shooting guides and other helpful information.

Cojali was founded 30 years ago in Spain and has worked in the automotive industry and a variety of other fields. It came to the United States in 2016. As for the newly launched Jaltest MHE, the company is providing free test demos for interested parties.