RER’s 2018 Innovative Product Award Category Winners

March 13, 2019
While Serious Labs, Point of Rental and Sullair took home the top prizes in the 2018 Innovative Product Awards, nine more companies won awards for different categories. We tell you about them here.

RER published the finalists for the 2018 RER Innovative Product Awards in the December 2018 issue of RER. The finalists (category winners) were determined by a panel of rental industry judges, who then voted on them for the three grand prizes. RER presented and profiled the top award winners: Winner of the Technology Enhancements category Serious Labs won the Gold Award for its Ryze-MEWP VR Simulator, a virtual reality system that simulates the experience of operating an aerial work platform, now dramatically enhancing and transforming aerial safety and training programs around the world. Winner of the Computer Software category Point of Rental Software took the Silver Award for UnLockIt, which enables customers of rental companies to pick up or return rented tools and equipment from lockers in off hours through use of an app. And the Silver Award was given to the winner of the Compressors and Air Tools category for its OFD 1550 Portable Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor, a portable air compressor that brings oil-free air to factories, refineries and construction jobsites.

These three products were profiled extensively in the December issues and the story be viewed online at:

But each of the other nine category winners received votes and were contenders for the top prizes as well:

  • Concrete-Working Equipment – Hilti Demolition Hammer TE2000-AVR
  • Earthmoving – Takeuchi TL6R Track Loader
  • Engines/Power Sourcing -- POWR2 Hybrid Energy System (HES)
  • Generators/Welders – Lincoln Electric Vantage 549
  • Lifts – Haulotte HA 61 LE PRO
  • Light Towers – Allmand Brothers Nite-Lite E-Series
  • Material Handling – GEHL Mark74 Series 74-hp telescopic handlers
  • Miscellaneous – HILTI Water Management System DD- WMS-100
  • Power Tools – Stihl TS 440 Cutquik

RER takes a look at these entries.

Category: Concrete-Working Equipment

Manufacturer: Hilti

Product Name: Demolition Hammer TE2000-AVR

Key Innovation: The TE 2000-AVR weighs only 33 pounds but removes up to 2.2 tons of concrete per hour, with vibration kept to a minimum thanks to Hilti’s AVR system.

Description: Designed with maneuverability in mind, the Hilti demolition hammer TE 2000-AVR is highly versatile, covering a wide range of applications. The TE 2000-AVR is a blend of power, ergonomics, and weight. At 26 foot-pounds of impact energy, and 1,800 impacts per minute, this demolition hammer features double the performance compared to tools in the same weight class (27 to 42 pounds), according to the maker, and has a similar performance to competitor tools in the 65-pounds weight class.

The unit is designed to maneuver and transport throughout the jobsite and is ready for use in minutes. With an Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system, it allows for efficient performance and maximum working comfort. The TE 2000-AVR can handle floor demolition applications for base materials up to eight inches in thickness. It can also perform tile removal and ground rod driving applications.  

“What Hilti designed in its next generation AVR, and is also included with the de-coupling of the tool body versus the handle, is a counter-balance system,” says Andrew Beard, product manager for breakers. “Inside the tool itself, it actually has the counter-balances that when the tool is sliding its piston forward and hammering and creating that impact energy, the energy then gets transferred up into the counter-balances that move in the opposite direction of the impacting force, and then vice versa when the impacting force goes back up, the counter-balances go down. So, it dramatically reduces the impact energy that gets transferred into the user and then actually keeps the impact energy into the material itself.”

Its brushless SR motor eliminates the need for regular replacement of carbon brushes. And the detachable power cord allows for a quick replacement of broken or damaged cords right on the jobsite.

“The TE 2000 has a removable and replaceable, detachable cord, within 30 seconds you can change the cord out,” adds Beard. “That’s unique to Hilti breakers and that’s something that a lot of guys find very valuable, that they can just detach that cord and that same cord actually works on other Hilti tools as well.”

 Tool electronics help ensure consistent performance in multiple power scenarios for the TE 2000-AVR. Whether running the tool from a wall outlet or a 100-foot, 12-gage extension cord, the performance remains consistent.

When used with the TE DRS-B and a Hilti vacuum, the TE 2000-AVR is Table 1 compliant with OSHA 1926.1153.

The unit is guaranteed to last at least two years. “Hilti has a 20, 2 and 1,” says Beard. “We have a 20-year warranty on wear and tear parts, a two-year warranty on anything that happens to that tool, and a one-day promised turnaround on repair.”



Manufacturer: Takeuchi

Product Name: TL6R Track Loader

Key Innovation: Compact but excellent breaker breakout force and can work in areas with limited space.

Description: The most compact unit in the Takeuchi track loader lineup, the TL6R is designed for customers in the agricultural, general contracting, landscaping and rental industries. The machine’s compact dimensions allow it to get into areas with limited space such as garages and chicken houses.

         With a radial configuration, the TL6R is agile, easy to transport and features stability and performance. The radial lift boom design offers excellent bucket breakout and lift arm force, as well as greater mid-height reach when compared to a vertical lift design.

“The radial arm path of the TL6 is furthest from the front of the loader (maximum reach) at mid-height,” says Mike Ross, director of product, Takeuchi U.S. “A vertical lift design will usually have the bucket furthest from the front of the loader at maximum height. When loading or off-loading pallets from a standard height semi-trailer or truck bed, the TL6 is more effective because it can reach further than a vertical lift machine to secure the load. Pallets of sod, brick or block are common items delivered to jobsites in this manner.”

Powered by a 2.4-liter, 65.2 horsepower engine, this machine features a maximum lift height of 9 feet, 6.4 inches, and a rated operating capacity of 1,841 pounds. The CTL has a width of 5 feet and a height of 6 feet 5.8 inches. The machine can be fit with a cab or canopy.

The undercarriage components are model specific with larger bearings resulting in slower shaft speeds for longer component life.

“Larger bearings equate to more surface area to absorb the stress on these components,” says Ross. “Also, larger rollers and front idlers will have to turn fewer times to cover the same distance as the competitive components. This means better durability, longer component life, and a lower cost of ownership for customers.”

All rollers are permanently sealed, with metal face seals to keep dirt and other contaminates out for greater durability.  

The TL6R features a newly designed cabin with an overhead 5.7-inch multi-information display and backlit rocker switches that control a variety of machine functions. With automotive styled interior, a cab with a swing-out door, heat and air conditioner are available for greater operator comfort. “We call our cabin ‘The Big Man’s cabin,’” adds Ross.

A large front door and rear window provides great visibility to the attachment edge. A color monitor and rear-view camera offers even further visibility around the machine. 

The TL6R comes standard with a quiet track design with flotation pads. This reduces vibration, noise levels and improves ride quality.

This CTL comes standard with Takeuchi Fleet Management, a telematics system for two years at no additional cost. TFM provides a variety of data points.

“Takeuchi Fleet Management is standard equipment on all TL6 Track Loaders and free of charge for the standard 2-year/2,000-hour warranty period,” says Ross. “Customers can purchase extended monitoring plans after the standard warranty period. Our telematics system provides service alerts, GPS tracking, utilization tracking, and the ability to monitor many other data points that allow the customer and fleet manager to make real-time decisions on health of the machine. The phone application works great and provides instant access to machine vitals.”


Category: Engines/Power Systems

Manufacturer: POWR2

Product Name: Hybrid Energy System

Key Innovation: Power Generation -- The POWR2 Hybrid Energy System (HES) is a portable power supply that integrates with diesel generators to optimize load capacities.

Description: The POWR2 Hybrid Energy System (HES) is a portable power supply that integrates with diesel generators to optimize load capacities. The power supply features leading lithium ion battery technology and automatic load level sensing, allowing it to switch power flow as needed between the generator and the HES. This includes using the generator for higher loads and stored energy for lower loads. The HES also enables the storage and use of alternative energy sources when paired with electricity-producing systems such as solar, wind and hydroelectricity. In addition, it is silent, as opposed to diesel generators, making it ideal for noise-sensitive jobsites, events or applications.

The HES helps power rental companies expand their markets, cut maintenance and fuel costs, improve efficiency and reduce emissions. In addition, the technology will help extend generator life and increase resale value.

POWR2’s HES limits the necessary run time of the diesel generator, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent. By proactively reducing CO2 emissions, this technology addresses what Tier IV regulations do not and puts users ahead of future regulatory actions.

In addition to eliminating the issues associated with running a generator on low load, the HES technology also allows users to rent a smaller generator by providing temporary extra power for load spikes — for example, the surge in demand when a motor starts up. POWR2 HES inverters can handle load spikes double their specified capacity.

POWR2 offers six HES models with outputs from 3.7kVA to 60kVA. Storage ranges from 7.5kWh to 120kWh. All models feature POWR2’s Node ECM (Energy Control Module) 7-inch touch screen. Node retrieves data from all connected devices including inverters, batteries, diesel gensets, PV and more. The system displays the information on the screen and uses it to inform which energy source to use and which loads to prioritize.


Category: Generators/Welders

Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric

Product Name: Vantage 549

Key Innovation: Lincoln Electric presents a new naming convention: the numbers listed on welder nameplates can be confusing and sometimes misleading, so the new innovative Vantage naming convention allows for complete transparency so that rental companies know they’re getting exactly what they pay for.

Description: The new Vantage 549 welder has power, reliability, and compliance. The machine utilizes a turbocharged 49.4 HP Deutz engine to deliver 525 amps of welding current and up to 19kW of 3-phase auxiliary. All the while, the rugged design offers the durability and reliability needed for a hard day of work.

Additionally, the Vantage 549 meets all state and federal emissions regulations to offer customers the ability to move freely across the U.S. without being subject to extra compliance fees.

Lastly, the Vantage 549 adopts the newly developed Vantage naming classification to provide customers clear expectations of the true output of the machine. The nameplate prominently features the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and max outputs to allow for quick comparisons.

         “Typically, in the welding industry, naming on machines doesn’t necessarily relate to the true output that can be generated, so what we decided to do with our Vantage product line in the U.S., was name it specifically off an industry rating, the International Electrotechnical Commission, and then the horsepower of the engine,” says Theo Facaros, manager of construction and rental sales channel. “So, for the 549, it’s in a 500-amp class machine and has a 49-hp engine in it. So now it’s very clear for customers to know what they’re buying. And Lincoln Electric has now named all of our machines that way.”

The Vantage 549 is designed for use in construction, industrial and oil-and-gas applications. And with California regulations regarding machines of 50 horsepower or more, regulations that are becoming common in other states, the unit can be taken to any state and be in compliance with regulations.

“This machine from an output standpoint, IEC rated is at 525 amps of output, which is quite substantial,” Facaros adds. “For most construction applications you won’t need more than 500 amps. It’s going to be able to tackle almost any job. Additionally we have Lincoln patented technology called Arclink, which allows users to have the availability of advanced feeders which will allow for advanced processes, such as pulse welding. These feeders have memory capability so you can save settings.

“Also, now you have the ability to run orbital systems for pipe through the Arclink module that we have. It’s exciting from that standpoint, having advanced technology as well being available on the engine-drive equipment.”



Manufacturer: Haulotte

Product: HA 61 Le Pro

Key innovation: The first PULSEO Generation electric mobile elevating platform, the HA61 LE offers silent operation, indoors or out on any surface, even on the roughest terrain, while respecting the environment where it works.

DESCRIPTION: Eco-responsibility: designed to operate in silence, HA61 LE (LE stands for Low Emissions) cares for both the environment and people nearby. Its all-electric architecture makes it suitable for work in downtown areas and low-emission zones, as well as on green construction sites.

Versatility: equipped with non-marking tires, this electric mobile elevating platform is perfectly suited to indoor applications. Its oscillating axle and 4-wheel drive ensure optimal traction and stability for outdoor work.

Productivity: ultra-fast elevation speed, 360° continuous turret rotation and four simultaneous movements work together to enhance users’ productivity.

Safety: proportional controls ensure precise movements, guaranteeing smooth operation on the way up to the work area. The Pulseo family of machines incorporate the latest safety innovations: Activ’SafetyBar, Activ’LightingSystem, Activ’Screen.

Energy Management: high-capacity batteries and the ability to lower the basket by gravity with no power consumption, maximizes battery performance for a full day's work. The Haulotte Activ’Energy Management system is designed to extend the lifespan of your batteries.

The video:

The website:


Category: Light Towers

Manufacturer: Allmand Brothers

Product Name: Nite-Lite E-Series

Key Innovation: As a special event solution, the Night-Lite E-Series is built with multi-directional forklift pockets for easy deployment and stabilizers that feature four-point design with foldable outriggers to ensure the light tower can withstand winds up to 50 mph. 

Description: As a special event solution, the Night-Lite E-Series is built to be easily deployed across a venue. With multi-directional forklift pockets and the ability to withstand high winds up to 50 mph, this light tower is durable enough to be used in many different environments, such as outdoor corporate events, sports venues, weddings and festivals.

The Night-Lite E-Series features four LED light fixtures that provide an output of 154,000 lumens. The automatic on/off functionality with a timer and photocell help ensure the highest level of performance and efficiency. Event manager and crews can rely on the timer feature to easily manage when the tower turns on and off, while the photocell can sense daylight and control the light accordingly. 

“The Night-Lite E-Series was designed with multi-directional forklift pockets, foldable and retractable outriggers, electric winch, and symmetrical structure for quick set up, quick tear down, and easy maneuverability so that anyone can understand and operate the unit quickly and easily — no training necessary,” says Joan Westwater, product manager-jobsite. “The multi-directional forklift pockets allow full access in all directions, as well as ease of maneuverability from off-loading units from trucks to transporting units to their final location. The foldable outriggers were designed to be heavy duty to ensure the light tower can withstand wind up to 50 mph. Allmand knew the tower would be operating in special event spaces, with large numbers of people in the surrounding area, and wanted to ensure our design was able to handle extreme conditions.

“The electric winch with remote control enables instant tower deployment by simply pressing a button, removing any physical manual winch operation. The symmetrical structure of the Night-Lite E-Series also differs from the competitive cart-type electric light tower, further providing stability and ease of use. An added bonus of the symmetrical design allows for 42 total units to be loaded on a 48-foot flatbed truck, minimizing freight costs associated with transporting the units to the destination.”

The E-Series tower was developed with the coiled power cable secured to the top of the first, third and fifth sections to minimize tangling, making it easy for event crews to set up. In addition, the unit stabilizers feature a four-point design with foldable outriggers so the unit can withstand windy conditions.

“We find that quality coiled power cable secured at several points along the tower minimizes the coil from tangling and stretching over time,” adds Westwater. “Since the crew does not have to worry about tangled coils, set up is stress free. There is nothing worse than dealing with a tangled coil when deploying a light tower and trying to avoid a broken or detached coil ultimately jeopardizing power to the lights.”

The Night-Lite E-Series was field tested at Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the nation, and its durable design enabled attendees to enjoy the festival in an illuminated environment.


Category: Material Handling Equipment

Manufacturer: Gehl

Product Name: Mark74 Series 74-hp telescopic handlers

Key Innovation: The Gehl Mark74 Series telescopic handlers are equipped with a 74-hp engine and DOC-only exhaust treatment system to simplify maintenance by eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF), diesel engine fluid (DEF), and other engine after-treatment. An all-in-one joystick allows the operator to control all functions of the boom including extension, retraction, attachment tilt and auxiliary hydraulics, as well as select directional drive and transmission speed, all with one hand.

  • The Gehl Mark74 Series is a new range of 74-hp telescopic handlers ideal for the rental industry. Four models are included, the RS6-42, RS8-42, RS8-44 and RS10-55, all of which were developed from Gehl’s proven RS (Rental Series) telehandler models. With the new Mark74 Series, customers have less maintenance to worry about, so the overall cost to maintain is lower and the return on investment is higher.

In the Mark74 Series, a new 74-hp Tier-IV Cummins turbocharged diesel engine with a DOC-only exhaust treatment system simplifies maintenance for the rental customer by eliminating the need for a DPF, DEF, and other engine after-treatment.

“With the removal of the need for DEF system, the customers don’t need to re-fill the fluid,” says Steve Kiskunas, product manager, telescopic handlers. “Our rental customers especially find this to be an advantage because the technology is difficult for them to administer in the field for the rental customers. When the rental customers fail to refill the DEF fluid tank, it results in the engine derating and a service call.”

The units are equipped with a Dana 4-speed powershift transmission and 295 foot-pounds (400 Nm) of engine torque. With full-time 4-wheel drive, three steering modes and machine travel speeds up to 15 miles per hour, the Gehl Mark74 Series models can easily maneuver through uneven terrain on the jobsite.

The Gehl Mark74 Series provides a range of maximum lift capacities from 6,600 to 10,000 pounds and lift heights from 42 feet to 55 feet, 1 inch. They are equipped with an all-in-one joystick control that allows the operator to leave one hand on the steering wheel and control all other machine functions with the other hand. The operator can control all functions of the boom including extension, retraction, attachment tilt and auxiliary hydraulics, as well as select directional drive and transmission speed, all on one single joystick.

“The new thing about our joystick and the thing that we’re trying to emphasize is it has forward, neutral and reverse on the main control joystick, and this is actually very innovative for North American-designed telescopic handlers,” says Kiskunas. “The European telescopic handlers such as Manitou have had this technology for some time but for a North American high-boom designed machine, I believe we are the first to offer this.”

Kiskunas believes the joystick is intuitive and easy to learn to use.

“It is very intuitive, and that’s the response that we get,” he notes. “At first the question is ‘What is this switch doing on the joystick?’ But then when you walk them through how it works it becomes very easy to operate both the machine and also move the machine and operate the hydraulic functions without changing your hand. The true advantage of this is you can have one hand on the steering wheel and then the other on the joystick as you move the machine through the jobsite and perform all the tasks rather than shifting hands to grab the shifter on the left-hand side of the steering column.”

Kiskunas also touts the power of the machine.

“Our 120-hp standard machine has 360 foot-pounds of torque, which is approximately three foot-pounds per horsepower,” he says. “The 74 hp engine has 295 foot-pounds of torque, right at four foot-pounds of torque for every horsepower, so you can see with the new Mark 74 units, use of horsepower and torque is more efficient, we’re getting more out of that 74 hp for performance in driving the machine.”

The Gehl Mark74 Series carries forward the durable, rugged qualities from the RS Gen:3 telehandler models that make it ideal for the rental industry. The steel cabs are easy to clean and prep for the next rental customer, and a unique frame design provides 360-degree visibility.


Category: Miscellaneous

Manufacturer: Hilti

Product Name: Water Management System DD- WMS-100

Key Innovation: The DD-WMS-100 Water Management System is designed to help keep the jobsite clean, maintain a constant pressurized water supply and dispose of slurry from diamond coring.

Description: Keeping the jobsite clean, maintaining a constant pressurized water supply, and disposing of slurry are time consuming. Professionals spend almost an hour per day suppling water and cleaning slurry while diamond coring. With the DD-WMS 100 Water Management System, these tasks can be a thing of the past.

“The unit is basically about the size of our vacuum portfolio, it holds four gallons, so it weighs about 54 to 56 pounds when fully loaded,” says Jason Flam, WMS product manager. “You can just stick it in the back of the truck and arrive on the jobsite. One of the biggest problems our customers talked about was finding water on a jobsite – finding it and then getting it from Point A to Point B. Plus, you have the water run-off, filled with slurry. Now you don’t have to worry about those problems.

“Another option on jobsites was you need to have really long garden hoses and they get run over by forklifts. So they leak and create a mess. A lot of contractors fill up five-gallon buckets and then manually carry them to the coring location which they fill up into pressurized tanks, so the overall water process is very time-consuming. And then on top of that, once you’re coring, then you have the water runoff and you got to spend time cleaning it up. And that’s the whole intent with our water-management system is to make coring water-independent. So that way contractors don’t have to spend time finding water or cleaning up at the conclusion of coring.”

Large wheels and a convenient handle make the DD-WMS 100 easy to transport and move around the jobsite. Simply fill the water tank and be ready to start coring when you arrive on the jobsite. Water is recycled up to seven times inside the tank, which is equivalent to nearly 30 gallons of continuous water supply. During coring, slurry is captured in the filter bag, resulting in easy clean up once full.

The DD-WMS 100 is OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliant and is suitable for all wet diamond applications.


The unique multi-layer filter bags of the DD-WMS 100 are designed to collect slurry, which allows cleaner water to pass through the system. Water in the tank can be re-used for diamond drilling applications up to seven times, giving users a constant pressurized water supply. Nearly all water and slurry are captured at the point of drilling, meaning there’s no mess to clean-up afterwards.

“You put four gallons inside at the bottom of the unit, and then it dispenses water through your standard water line that attaches to your core rig and then we have a collection ring that fits on the outside of the core bits so as you’re providing water, the water and the slurry will be picked back up by the suction of the water-management system and taken back to a filter bag that you have inside the unit,” Flam says. “What that does it separates all the slurry, all the rebar chips, all the debris from the jobsite, leaves it in the bag and then the water filters its way to the bottom. We say it filters it up to seven times because that’s usually about the time you’re going to run out of room and the bag with all the concrete and all the slurry that you picked up. And so that way we say you’ve turned your four gallons into 30 gallons by recycling it up to seven times.”


The DD-WMS 100’s water tank provides a steady supply of pressurized water for diamond drilling applications. This is perfect for remote site locations where a main pressurized water supply may not be accessible.


The user can switch the DD-WMS 100 to vacuum mode and its powerful suction will quickly take care of the final cleaning.


Category: Power Tools

Manufacturer: Stihl

Product Name: TS 440 Cutquik

Key Innovation: Expanded guard adjustability made possible by the world-first sensor-activated Stihl Quickstop wheel brake technology capable of stopping the rotation of the cutting wheel in fractions of a second if kickback occurs.

Description: Versatile enough for general construction applications, and a powerful choice for limited access cuts, the TS 440 STIHL Cutquik cut-off machine (66.7 cc) represents the latest in professional cutting solutions from Stihl. The TS 440 introduction gives professionals a product suited for challenging cuts such as bottom portions of walls, cutting in corners, and cutting the underside of in-ground pipes made of concrete, ductile iron, vitrified clay and steel, and similar situations where traditional cut-off machine guard positions limit cutting access.

The expanded guard adjustability is made possible by the world-first sensor-activated Stihl Quickstop wheel brake technology capable of stopping the rotation of the cutting wheel in fractions of a second if kickback occurs.

 “With a cut-off machine, you may experience a kickback feedback situation, the highest occurrence of that is on the top, like the 12 o’clock position,” says Thomas Techow, Stihl Inc. product manager. “That’s why in the industry, if you don’t have a brake, all those guards on the wheel cover the 12 o’clock position of the wheel. On the other hand, if you are working in tight spaces you may want to retract the guard furthermore, but then you are exposing yourself to the kickback risk. So, this is why the company developed it. Our engineers were thinking about how we could expose the top of the wheel and protect the operator at the same time from the kickback. In order to make the machine usable for tight spaces, like cutting a trench for example, or cutting a pipe or close to walls, the engineers came up with a solution. That’s why Stihl developed that brake. It provides for a similar level of protection as the guard does in the event of the kickback.”

The ground-breaking and innovative Stihl Quickstop wheel brake is designed to allow for extended guard adjustability by reducing the risk of injury from kickback when the guard on the TS 440 has been adjusted to expose the top portion of the wheel.

The TS 440 shares many features of the family of Stihl Cutquik cut-off machines, including:

  • Electronic water control allows for efficient water flow adjustment while cutting. The water control feature remembers the last setting used and water flow automatically stops at idle speed and starts again when the throttle is engaged.
  • The X2 air filtration system is virtually maintenance-free and maintains a 99.96-percent cleaning efficiency.
  • The ElastoStart starter handle is a starting grip with a built-in shock absorber that helps reduce the effort when pulling on the starter cord.
  • Stihl anti-vibration system helps reduce operator fatigue and provides a more comfortable working experience.

“All cut-off machines have a water attachment for dust-suppression,” Techow says.
“You may have applications, or combinations, where you don’t need the full flow of water in order to suppress dust successfully. You may reduce the flow of water. The majority of our cut-off machines have valves that you can turn on and off, and the TS 440 has an electronic control valve close to the throttle that you can operate with your thumb. If you feel that there’s plenty of water, if the cutting is not as dry or doesn’t create a large amount of dust you can reduce the amount of water.”