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Doosan Portable Power Xp185 Rer Ip Asized

Innovative Product Award Air Compressor Winner – Doosan Portable Power

May 27, 2020
Key Innovation: High-pressure 125 psi rating in small air model, optional 4kW generator

For those who might have missed it, we recently presented the top winners of RER’s annual Innovative Product Award. The Gold Award went to Doosan Bobcat for the MAXControl iOS Remote Control for Bobcat Loaders. The Silver Award went to Point of Rental for its POR One app, in a close vote between second and third place. And the Bronze Award went to Reachmaster for its Jibbi 40BL- EVO. You can read the story here:

         As part of an ongoing series, we will continue to post category winners and honorable mention winners in the Innovative Product Awards. Here is the winner of the Compressors/Air Tools category, Doosan Portable Power’s XP185WDO Air Compressor.

COMPRESSORS/AIR TOOLS -- Doosan Portable Power

Product: XP185WDO Air Compressor 

 Manufacturer: Doosan Portable Power

 Key Innovation: High-pressure 125 psi rating in small air model, optional 4kW generator

 Manufacturer’s Description: Doosan Portable Power has expanded its small air compressor lineup with the introduction of the Doosan XP185WDO. This high-pressure model produces 185 cfm and 125 psi, making it ideal for a variety of applications such as general construction, sandblasting, pipeline testing, fiber optic cable installation and operating pneumatic tools. 

The XP185 can simultaneously power both air and electrical tools when outfitted with an optional 4kW generator. The machine is equipped with two 120V duplex outlets for powering small electric-powered tools or recharging battery-powered tools.   

An onboard toolbox allows for convenient storage of both air-powered and electrical tools for safe transport and easy access on the jobsite.    

Powered by a 74-hp Tier 4 Final-compliant engine, the XP185 maximizes jobsite productivity with a 10-hour runtime at 100 percent load. The high-performance Doosan D24 engine features a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment system that is virtually maintenance-free. 

 Additional RER Commentary: Cody Blythe, Doosan Portable Power’s product manager for air compressors, says customers were expressing the need for more power in small air compressors, which led the company to come up with the XP185WDO Air Compressor.

“The feedback we were getting from customers was ‘we like that 185 size class range, but we want some more pressure.’ And that’s for different reasons, but sometimes you lose psi the more hose you have connected to the machine. In a remote application or if you have to be a distance from your machine, you can turn this up to 125. That way your tools are still getting at least 100 psi, whereas with a 100-psi machine, you would have a little bit less than that. So, with this machine we give the customer more versatility, and more pressure to get work done.”

Blythe adds that for a rental company, it allows a company to have one machine that can serve as a 185 as well as a slightly higher-pressure version of that. He says the unit has been effective in sandblasting applications and smaller pipeline-testing jobs fiber optic cable jobs and silica dust suppression applications.

Blythe adds that the 4 kW generator option enables users to have the air compressor without having to carry an additional generator as well, a feature that has been particularly popular with municipalities. “Typically, the less stuff they have to have on their truck the better, so if they can do away with having a generator because their compressor doubles as that, it’s more efficient for them,” he says.