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Lind Equipment All In One Lights Straight On

Innovative Product Awards – Lighting

April 11, 2020
The innovative All-in-One Beacon LED Tower combines three separate lighting functions into one, single, easy-to-use asset.

Product Name: All-in-one Beacon LED Tower

Manufacturer: Lind Equipment

Key Innovation: Merging three lighting assets into an all-in-one LED light tower. The innovative All-in-One Beacon LED Tower combines three separate lighting functions into one, single, easy-to-use asset. It provides a user with the ability to run remotely with a small 1000W-2000W generator, indoors as an electric light tower with an external power source and also as a diffused, no-glare light for roadside construction or events with Lind’s clip on diffuser frames.   

Description (provided by the manufacturer): The all-in-one Beacon LED Tower provides you with all the functionality of three separate lighting assets, in one award-winning package. A single Beacon LED Tower can be used as a generator powered light tower, an electric powered light tower, and as a no-glare diffused light tower.

This innovative, all-in-one unit alleviates the need to own three separate towers for different types of jobs. If you need to illuminate remote construction sites with a full-power light tower, the Beacon LED Tower can do that with an onboard generator as small as 1000W. The Beacon LED Tower has proven its durability and ruggedness on construction sites all over North America, including in the far north, on the ocean, and in the desert. You won’t sacrifice light levels, run time, or durability when replacing your traditional generator fed light towers with the all-in-one Beacon LED Tower. If you need to illuminate an indoor site, or want a light tower that can run quietly without fumes on an external power source, the exact same Beacon LED Tower can do just that. It uses 80 percent less electricity than a traditional light tower without any reduction in light output. This means you can run two all-in-one Beacon LED Towers on a single 15A circuit. They fit through man-doors and a single person can move them around a jobsite. Lastly, if you need to illuminate areas that require diffuse, no-glare lighting, such as events or roadside construction, the exact same Beacon LED Tower can do that too. Just clip on our no-glare diffuser frames in under one minute, and your all-in-one Beacon LED Tower provides the glare-free light that you need.

RER Commentary: The brilliance of the all-in-one is its versatility. Lind Equipment president Brian Astl explains it best: “We can replace three separate assets that equipment rental companies are holding right now: the diesel-fueled light towers, the electric only plug-in light towers and the balloon lights that people own,” he says. “If you are working remotely or working indoors, you can plug in and be electric. And the user frames that clip in really easily on top of the light fixtures. It takes 30 seconds or so to clip each one in and that allows you to operate as diffuse light with no glare, a balloon-light tower. We’re getting really great feedback because of that. The balloon lights are pretty specialty, for events and a lot of road work. But if you don’t have that going on right at that time in your area with your customer base then you have that asset just sitting there. ROI (return on investment) is everything for rental companies, utilization is everything. So, to have one asset that gets utilized three different ways really brings your utilization rate up and helps your ROI rate too.”

Astl explains how the All-in-One can operate with 80 percent less electricity.

“It’s really about the technology itself,” he says. “Your traditional light tower runs metal halide bulbs and each of those bulbs uses 1,000 watts of energy. A little more than that when it starts up and the ballast is kicking in, but generally about 1,000 watts. It puts out a lot of light, but you need a big generator to run that. You’ve got four of those lights on a single tower and that’s 4,000-plus watts. Our lights are all LEDs, and they are more efficient than metal halide and other bulb technology. So we got together super-efficient LEDs and we’ve engineered them in such a way to put out the same amount of light and the same kind of distribution as metal halide. When you do the math, it takes about 200 watts of an efficient, well-designed LED to put out the same amount of light as a 1,000-watt metal halide. That’s how you get that 80 percent number.”

Astl says the unit weighs just over 300 pounds and they have heavy duty wheels. “You can literally push it around, and it’s small enough to fit through a man door as well, so you can use them outdoors and push them around or push it inside to do some work inside. And the reason we were able to make it so much lighter is because you don’t need that big engine and generator in the unit to run the light. That’s what takes up all the weight of the traditional units, having a big engine and generator to run those big metal halide lights. So we don’t need to make that 1,500-pound unit.”

Astl adds that the machine also does not require a batter. The user can either put in a small 1,000-watt generator or plug it in and operate it off external power. He adds that the unit has operate successfully in northern Canada in the winter as well as in the desert in the summer. It has also operated successfully on Governor’s Island in New York, surrounded by ocean breezes and saltwater and it has run successfully in all these environments.

The balloon light will outdo competitive balloon lights, Astl says, easily covering a 5,000-square-foot area operating at 360 degrees and can be aimed at a particular area, if desired, for a stronger, more concentrated light.

The tower light can run anywhere from 90 volts to 277 volts, Astl adds.

He concludes that the Beacon All-in-One tower has the ability to provide more versatility in the lights the end user runs and dramatically improves the ROI and utilization of rental companies.