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Jd Scraper System 2020

John Deere Reveals New Technology Solutions at Conexpo

March 20, 2020
John Deere displayed its latest solutions for the construction industry during the 2020 Conexpo Show in Las Vegas, while also discussing its vision for the future.

John Deere displayed its latest solutions for the construction industry during the 2020 Conexpo Show in Las Vegas, while also discussing its vision for the future.

“The construction industry is rapidly changing, and technology is a driving factor in this evolution,” said Kevin Very, director of technology and product marketing, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “The right technology impacts how a customer bids a job, manages their fleet, assists with operator recruitment and retention, and ultimately improves overall profitability. Technology development is changing the construction industry, and we are continuing to accelerate our technology innovation across equipment and job sites.”

Deere showcased its newest technology offerings. The new offerings, which include obstacle intelligence, SmartWeigh™, SmartAttach and a new scraper earthmoving productivity system, will assist operators while boosting job site productivity and efficiency.

         One of the more forward-thinking technology solutions on display is the Advanced Rear Object Detection System that is part of the 944K Hybrid Wheel Loader showcase. This is one of the Obstacle Intelligence solutions that helps to supplement the operator’s situational awareness by identifying objects in close proximity to the equipment. This technology enables John Deere’s automation portfolio and lays the groundwork to further add to job site safety.

Also displayed on the 944K Hybrid Wheel Loader is the SmartWeigh integrated payload weighing system, which is in development for John Deere’s four-wheel-drive loaders (744L, 824L, 844L, 944K Hybrid) in the near future. Shared through the touchscreen in-cab monitor, the factory-installed system enables operators to accurately load material without interruption and is integrated with JDLink, Deere’s telematics system, to track and visualize payload data in the JDLink portal and JDLink Mobile. By enabling the operator to quickly weigh and track loads, workflow is maximized and productivity is increased.

 “The innovations we’re highlighting at the show speak to our commitment to machine and job site automation,” said Sean Mairet, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “We’re showcasing a portfolio that puts technology to work for our customers and provides solutions matched to customers’ needs.”

Visitors were able to see a display of the SmartAttach system, which will make installing attachments easier in the future by automatically configuring the machine to the attachment. SmartAttach reduces setup time, decreases the likelihood of damage caused by incorrect settings and helps customers get the most out of their attachments. Using SmartAttach, the operator spends less time setting up equipment and can instead focus on the actual job at hand. SmartAttach is integrated with JDLink via a Bluetooth beacon, and together they record the location of attachments and populate that information in the JDLink portal and JDLink Mobile. This allows customers to quickly locate attachments when needed and minimize the number of attachments that are lost.

And lastly, a new scraper earthmoving productivity system provides a solution to measure volume in the scraper in real time, maximizing trip capacity and preventing spillage. Available through an in-cab monitor, the operator has visibility to the inside of the scraper as well as key production data. As a result, customers can improve work site efficiency and more accurately bid, plan and bill jobs.

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