Brooke Just
Randy Hauder with Bloomfield Rent-All Inc., in Bloomfield, Iowa.,

Faces in the Crowd at the ARA Show: Randy Hauder, Bloomfield Rent-All Inc., Bloomfield, Iowa.

Oct. 20, 2021
Randy Hauder, with Bloomfield Rent-All Inc. in Bloomfield, Iowa., discusses his favorite equipment at the 2021 ARA Show.

Story and Photo by Brooke Just

Randy Hauder with Rent-All Inc. in Bloomfield, Iowa., is a long-time attendee of The ARA Show.

Hauder said he and his family try to come every year to stay up to date on all the latest equipment to see if they can add anything new to their rental fleet.

“We like to go every year, but this year was really a tough decision whether to come or not because we’re really busy this time of year,” Hauder said. “I did want to come just to keep updated since it’s been a while since we’ve been to the last show obviously.”

Hauder mentioned the No Ramp trailer by the company No Ramp caught his eye, specifically, but is always looking to add any items to enhance his fleet.

“There’s a few specific items we were looking for. I’ve already ordered a lot of the equipment here because of lead times. But I was very interested in the no ramp trailer with the container on it,” Hauder explained.

Hauder said another item that caught his eye was at the GemOne booth, which focuses on telematics for machines.

“I have a diversified fleet, so the telematics aspect can help me by putting their tracking units on a machine -- so that way I can check different things on my machines to keep them updated,” he added.

The ARA Show is a great way to connect to other rental store owners and Hauder said that’s his favorite part about the show.

“Of course, coming out here and seeing what’s new is important,” he noted. “But talking to other owners and seeing what they’re doing, that’s the best part.”