RSC and NER Partner to Combat Equipment Theft

With the goal of deterring equipment theft and increasing its recovery rate of stolen equipment, Rental Service Corp. last week announced that it has registered its equipment fleet with the National Equipment Register.

As a part of the registration process, each of Rental Service's mobile units will be marked with decals that clearly warn thieves that the equipment is registered on a national database used extensively by law enforcement. This decal informs the would-be criminal that the chances of being detected while moving, storing or selling the equipment are greatly increased.

Even without the decal, Rental Service's equipment is protected. "If the decal is removed, the unit is still registered on the database and can be identified in a number of ways," said David Shillingford, president of NER.

With Rental Service's equipment fleet now added to NER's databases, NER will be able to identify equipment belonging to Rental Service — even before a theft is reported.

Through its 24-hour hotline, NER provides expert advice, as well as theft and ownership information to law enforcement agencies seeking to identify suspicious construction and farm equipment. NER also coordinates a national training program that teaches police officers the common 'red flags' to watch for when investigating suspicious equipment.

Priscilla Oehlert, Rental Service's director of risk, safety and environmental, said theft is a significant concern for all rental companies and their clients. "This is the right thing to do because it will positively impact our clients and the industry as a whole. The more fleets that register equipment, the more officers will use NER, and the harder it will be for thieves to steal."

Oehlert added, "Having closely observed NER's development over the last two years, I believe the company provides a much needed and very cost effective solution — one that we are excited to implement immediately and nationally."

Established in 2001, NER has worked with more than 370 United States insurance companies, law enforcement and equipment owners to build databases of more than 40,000 detailed equipment theft reports and 10 million ownership records. NER now has more than 2,000 law enforcement agencies using its databases regularly, resulting in the recovery of more than $3 million of stolen equipment. For more information call 212/ 297-1805 or visit

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Rental Service Corp. is No. 2 on the RER 100.

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