NationsRent Supports Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Colorado

With continuing support from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based NationsRent and hundreds of other supporters and volunteers, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition built the Barrett family of Peyton, Colo., a new prairie-style home in an episode that aired last night on the ABC Television Network.

Billy Jack Barrett, manager of the Air Force Academy Equestrian Center, and his wife Anne are known for opening their hearts and home to difficult horses from across the country. The success they have experienced in their equestrian business has labeled them true “Horse Whisperers.” At the same time, the couple has applied their talent and compassion to troubled children, some of whom are deemed unmanageable and unadoptable by the Colorado Department of Human Services. The Barrett’s only challenge to adopting more of these children is that their small, 101-year-old farmhouse could not fit any more by law. Anne Barrett took a chance and sent in a letter to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition asking for a new home and a possible new life for future children in need.

Granting the family’s wish, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition staff, Keller Homes, and an army of volunteers and donors equipped with light and heavy equipment provided by NationsRent, built a new home for the Barretts.

"Peyton is a semi-remote rural location and with very little notice, we managed to assemble the equipment needed and deliver it on time for the project to begin,” said Bruce Dunn, NationsRent district manager in Longmont, Colo.

The donation of equipment for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition by NationsRent is typical of the company’s support of charitable or philanthropic organizations that directly benefit the communities in which they operate. The company supports qualified organizations and programs through the donation of products and in-kind services, event sponsorships and employee contributions. The company has also established its internal NationsRent Employee Relief Fund as a method to provide assistance to NationsRent employees or their immediate dependents who have experienced a catastrophic event in their lives and are, therefore, in need of either temporary or long term help beyond their existing resources.

NationsRent is No. 6 on the RER 100.

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