Makita Sets Out On Mobile Marketing Tour

Makita USA, Inc., manufacturer of high quality industrial power tools and accessories, recently kicked off of its new Experience More mobile marketing tour. This 53-foot interactive mobile event and training trailer is geared to professional tradesmen who use power tools to make their living. The trailer will allow the company’s professional users to interact with and use Makita’s industrial power tools in an authentic work environment. It will also strengthen relationships between Makita and its dealers by leveraging their brand and driving traffic to their stores.

“The Experience More Tour is going to be extremely impressive and will engage the professional’s five senses to completely immerse them in Makita,” said Brent Withey, brand manager for Makita. “We are excited to be able to bring this tour to our pro users and offer such a valuable experience to them.”

The Experience More Tour will provide hands-on testing of Makita’s innovative tools as well as proper tool applications and safety training. The tour will showcase more than 125 focused trade tools that will be displayed on real-life display pods.

As Makita strives to focus on the Hispanic market, the tour will integrate exclusive initiatives tailored towards Hispanic tradesmen to expand the reach to this growing demographic. Future initiatives include attendance at sponsored MLS and FMF soccer games, Hispanic festivals, construction jobsites, and store demonstrations.

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