Godwin’s Paz Outlines Rental Strategy

Godwin Pump introduced its new light power and generator models at the recent ARA show. The new items expand Godwin’s offering beyond pumps to complementary items, without taking away from Godwin’s core business, including its signature Dri-Prime automatic self-priming pump, which, CEO John Paz said, make up about 80 percent of the company’s business.

Paz told a group of reporters at the show that the new product introductions were part of a broader marketing strategy the Bridgeport, N.J.-based manufacturer and pump rental specialist is pursuing.

Paz said Godwin will put extra emphasis in targeting what he calls the middle-market, independent rental centers. “I’m targeting the new mom-and-pop or independent rental centers,” Paz said. “There is a resurgence of these types of companies. There are new manufacturers and new rental companies and we want to provide them a product with great tradition.”

Paz pointed out that Godwin has avoided selling its equipment to national companies and consolidators with the exception of Cat Rental Stores, preferring to concentrate on building its own distribution network and selling to the independents, a sector which Paz said, is exhibiting a new vitality. And while Godwin also rents – with 23 rental locations in North America – Paz said the company does not compete with rental companies because it concentrates on more specialized equipment. However, Paz said, because of the size of its fleet, it is able to offer re-rental services to independents.

Paz points to his own history as a pioneer of pump rental, with 28 years at Godwin Pumps, which was established in North America 30 years ago.

Paz’ message to independent rental centers is direct: “I can give you protection for small submersibles and gas-driven pumps, light towers and generators, and I can support you if you are lucky enough to have somebody in your neck of the woods who needs a bigger pump by re-renting to you from my exclusive distributor or my rental branch,” he said.

Paz adds that capital investment is the biggest problem in trying to run a rental business today. “Younger resurgent rental companies don’t have that kind of capital investment and that’s why the pump rental business has become such a fabulous business,” he said.

Noting the growth in the pump rental specialty business, Paz recalls how 20 years ago a customer in Maine needed a 12-inch diesel pump and the nearest place he could get it from was New Orleans. “We now have 175 12-inch pumps in our rental fleet,” Paz said. “And probably 100 of those are up and down the East Coast. So the industry we pioneered and built is creating markets.”

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