Snorkel Issues Warning On Boom Sensors

Snorkel International is urging all owners and users of three Snorkel products to conduct vital safety checks. The Elwood, Kan.-based company has uncovered a potential issue with a small number of boomlifts produced prior to 2004, which might not be fitted with the proper number of boom sensors. The machines affected are the Snorkel TB120, TB126J and PRO126.

“We believe the potential problem is limited to some Snorkel TB120s, TB126Js and PRO126s, produced between 2000 and 2003,” said Jeff Eckhardt, engineering manager for Snorkel International. “However, we strongly advise that owners check all machines from these three lines. It is vital that they conduct checks on the boom angle and length sensors and retrofit additional sensors where appropriate.”

All owners, operators, or end users of a Snorkel TB120, TB126J, or PRO126, should contact their Snorkel or Upright Service representatives immediately. In North and South America contact Gary Wampler at (800) 255-0317; in the Asia-Pacific contact Doug Floyd at +61 2 9725 4000; and in Europe, Middle East and Africa contact Michael Wright +44 (0) 845 1550 057.

A full Service Bulletin covering this potential issue is available on the website:

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