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Kingsbridge Holdings founded in 2006 entered the brick and mortar equipment rental industry with the acquisition of Western States Equipment Salt Lake City in 2017 Photo by Fred Hageman, Rental Acquisitions LLC
Kingsbridge Holdings, founded in 2006, entered the brick and mortar equipment rental industry with the acquisition of Western States Equipment, Salt Lake City, in 2017.

Rental Acquisitions to Partner with Kingsbridge in M&A and Lease Financing

Rental Acquisitions, LLC, a leading Mergers & Acquisitions firm specializing only in the equipment rental industry, has added a significant component to its client offerings -- equipment leasing and financing. Rental Acquisitions is partnering with Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC, based in Lake Forest, Ill., in this new endeavor.

Kingsbridge was founded in 2006 by Dan Flagstad and John Morand. Flagstad and Morand each have more than 25 years of experience in leasing/financing in the technology field, and have worked in the industrial, healthcare, technology and general equipment spaces. He and Moran formed their own company 13 years ago beginning in the commercial and healthcare markets (mainly computers, mainframes and laptops.) Kingsbridge acquired Trilogy Leasing Co., LLC in 2011 and Capital, Technology & Leasing, LLC in 2010 and grew into other types of equipment leasing including some construction equipment.

Kingsbridge entered the “bricks and mortar” equipment rental industry in December 2017 with the acquisition of Western States Equipment Co., located in Salt Lake City, a five-acre construction rental company. That transaction was managed by Rental Acquisitions, LLC, who represented the seller. Western States Equipment Co. Inc. is a leading independent rental company in Salt Lake City and has been in business for more than 20 years. It moved into its newly built 17,000-square-foot facility in 2015.

“After dealing with Fred Hageman for the past year and a half and having purchased our first equipment rental company through him and his firm, we decided that we wanted him on our team, not only for searching for select acquisitions for us, but now in our core business which is equipment leasing,” said Dan Flagstad, Co-CEO of Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC.

“I’ve dealt with a lot of folks over the past couple of years in the equipment rental industry, and very few have the knowledge and the countless contacts in the space that Fred has,” said Ernie DelGatto, VP Business Development for Kingsbridge Holdings. “Fred and I work very well together and we at Kingsbridge and TZP are excited to increase our leasing portfolio in the rental equipment industry through Rental Acquisitions,” added DelGatto.

Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC, has nearly $700 million under management and is co-owned by TZP Group out of New York City. TZP has more than $1 billion under management. More information on the companies may be found at,, and

“Through Kingsbridge, Rental Acquisitions, LLC will now be able to offer leading edge lease products with superior customer service, cost effective options tailored to each client with a proven leasing provider that has first-hand knowledge and experience of the equipment rental industry and the capital intensity of it,” said Fred Hageman, Principal of Rental Acquisitions.

“With Kingsbridge, there are ‘no surprises,’ no hidden fine print regarding notices, and they are wonderful people to work with. Kingsbridge fully embraces the fact that this is a relationship-oriented industry,” added Hageman.

Kingsbridge will offer leasing options in the amounts ranging from $100,000 to $10 million or more to qualified clients with good credit.

More information on the companies may be found at, and

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