The 105foot compact crawler boom was introduced at The Rental Show in New Orleans last week
The 105-foot compact crawler boom was introduced at The Rental Show in New Orleans last week.

New JLG Compact Crawler Boom at Rental Show Reaches 105 Feet Height

JLG Industries, Inc. previewed the JLG X1000AJ compact crawler boom at The Rental Show in New Orleans last week. The X1000AJ demonstrates expands JLG’s popular compact crawler boom line into the 100-foot height class.

The X1000AJ provides a work envelope with 56 feet up and over and 54 feet of horizontal outreach, plus a 105-foot work height. It also features a 500-pound unrestricted platform capacity, allowing operators to bring more materials to the work area, fulfilling the fundamental need for a safe and productive work environment.

“We are excited to bring the X1000AJ to market,” said Randy Marzicola, director, channel development for JLG Industries. “Our innovative line of CCB’s has rapidly expanded with this newest model addressing our customer’s wants and needs. By offering a full range of CCB machines we reinforce our focus on developing equipment solutions that meet the requirements of our customers and their customers.”

The X1000’s boom includes a new articulated column design, giving operators the ability to work flush with the surface of a structure. Smart technology improves boom functionality by enabling multiple simultaneous movements, introducing a go-home function and by delivering 90 degrees +/- jib movement for added reach. The machine also features below-grade capabilities for those who need to complete work both above and below ground level.  

A compact footprint allows the X1000AJ to fit through a standard double doorway for easy movement between indoor and outdoor applications. Non-marking tracks, which retract, along with a patented platform disconnect system, make it easy to maneuver the machine through tight spaces. The X1000AJ is less than 22 feet long and under 20 feet long when the platform is removed.

One-touch self-leveling outriggers stabilize and level the machine on slopes up to 16 degrees. Stability is further enhanced by large, Teflon-coated outrigger pads, while standard forklift pockets and lift hooks facilitate loading and unloading. SkyGuard enhanced control panel protection comes standard, continuing JLGs commitment to safety.

The X1000AJ’s interactive LCD display communicates key operator information. Operators familiar with JLG CCB’s will feel right thanks to a common control box.

An advanced technology, 76-Volt lithium-ion system is available to provide clean, quiet operation and performance comparable or better than traditional gas engine power. A Kubota diesel power source is also available. The X1000AJ comes with fully synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid for use in environmentally sensitive areas.  

This new machine is designed for tough and hard-to-reach indoor/outdoor applications in atriums, gymnasiums, arenas, auditoriums, airports, schools and universities, city, state, federal, and military facilities, Hotel and convention centers will appreciate the X1000AJ’s versatility and ease of mobility and the unit is also designed for jobs performed by window washers, painters, maintenance professionals, electricians and tree trimmers.


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