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New Entity InTempo to Unite RentalMan and SBC Brands

New Entity InTempo to Unite RentalMan and SBC Brands

Volaris Group, parent of Wynne Systems and Solutions by Computer, has created a new entity called InTempo Software to bring together a segment of Wynne Systems’ RentalMan and SBC’s Enfinity and CounterPro systems, to serve the middle market and small market rental software segments.

 “We’re bringing together these accomplished brands into a united entity to better serve rental companies from the local independent operator through large regional organizations. That’s InTempo’s exclusive focus,” said Matt Hopp, a Wynne Systems veteran who will serve as general manager of the new organization.

J.J. Shea will serve as director of operations and Jack Shea, founder of Solutions by Computer and one of the original pioneers of software dedicated to the rental industry, will continue to work with existing and new customers as manager of business development.

The popular RentalMan, Enfinity and CounterPro brands will continue to be developed and InTempo will support them going forward. The company plans to develop new mid- and small-market-oriented software products over time.

InTempo will be looking to see how to better adapt RentalMan, which has traditionally been the software favored by larger multi-regional, national and international rental companies, to meet the needs of mid- and smaller-market rental companies.

“In the beginning, we’ll have the same RentalMan products but there will be diversion over time,” Hopp told RER. “We’ll be learning what the midmarket is looking for from RentalMan, and how we can develop that and create a version of RentalMan that is focused on the mid-market. So in the beginning we’ll be on the same path, and then be diverging as Wynne continues to focus on large implementations and multinational corporations, while the new entity InTempo focuses on that mid-market space.”

Hopp said the company will do a lot of information gathering from existing as well as prospective customers to learn the reasons they might consider RentalMan or not consider it. “What are the things that it does or doesn’t do that can make it more interesting to them in that regional and local space?” said Hopp.

Hopp pointed out that often rental people leave large organizations where they used RentalMan and then will start a new company, and therefore are most comfortable with RentalMan. “Maybe that person might fit better with Enfinity, but they know RentalMan because they’ve used it in the past,” Hopp said. “Or we might have a customer starting a new company who knows Enfinity and is comfortable with it. So our sales team will work to identify the characteristics that might make Enfinity a better fit than RentalMan and vice versa. For example, Enfinity might be better able to handle the party and event rental area where RentalMan hasn’t been adapted.”

The new InTempo organization will ultimately work to develop both brands to best serve the needs of new and existing customers. Hopp added that SBC’s CounterPro system will still be an active and supported product, primarily for customers who have used it in the past and are most comfortable with it.

Hopp said that while the Solutions by Computer name will be phased out, its products and legacy will continue under the InTempo umbrella. He added that the staffs of both organizations will continue. “We have a lot of people who worked in rental for years before joining either SBC or Wynne,” he said. “Many have run their own rental companies, used the software, and then moved into the technology supplier side. So we’re very rental-focused, not only because of our software, but also because of our experience and the decades we’ve spent helping our customers through some of the big challenges and growth opportunities. I just finished my tenth year with Wynne and I’m still one of the new guys.”

InTempo’s staff plans to focus, from an organizational standpoint, on training and service enhancements for its existing customer base as well as the integration of prospective new customers. ”We want to facilitate a sense of community and dialogue among system users so they can help each other, not only with the software but also with larger rental business-related issues,” Hopp said.

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