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Kohler engines on display at World of Concrete in Las Vegas in 2016 Photo by Michael Roth, RER
Kohler engines on display at World of Concrete in Las Vegas in 2016.

JCB North America Gives Kohler Engines “Best Quality” and “Best Overall Supplier” Awards

Kohler Engines was named the recipient of the Best Quality and Best Overall Supplier Awards by JCB North America at a recent event for the company’s key suppliers. JCB utilizes a variety of Kohler Direct Injection diesel engines in its equipment, including its popular and well-regarded lineup of compact excavators and skid-steer loaders.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to be recognized among the best suppliers by a highly respected partner like JCB North America,” said John Chowaniak, senior accounts manager for Kohler Engines. “Kohler works diligently to be a front-runner in diesel engine technology and we’re humbled to be singled out by JCB for the consistent value we bring to the company and – by extension – to users of JCB compact equipment throughout North America.”

The Kohler Direct Injection diesel engine line now includes eight models, which all meet the latest emissions standards without a diesel particulate filter. 

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