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Camera captures piping problems on video

The Gen-Eye GL video inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners offers a self-leveling color camera and DVD recorder, which automatically keeps the picture right side up at all times as the camera glides through the line. Operators can see the water at the bottom of the pipe.

The compact stainless-steel camera housing is 1.4 inches in diameter and carries 16 ultra-bright white LED's to light up lines as large as 10 inches in diameter. The Gen-Eye GL offers a DVD recorder to provide a crisp picture with a jitter-free freeze frame, allowing a better analysis to any problem. A separate 9-inch industrial color monitor provides a clear picture in the field.

A tough Gel-Rod push rod protects against moisture damage if the rod is cut or abraded. Its Kevlar-braid, fiberglass core, and durable polyurethane sheath provide for maximum pushing and pulling power. Standard reels hold 200-, 300- or 400-foot rods and mini reels hold 100- or 200-foot rods.

“The push rod has been upgraded to a more durable Gel-Rod core, which protects the inside wires from water damage and from cuts and abrasions,” says Marty Silverman, vice president of marketing for General Pipe Cleaners. “A full keyboard offers eight pages of text for screen titles. The command module also includes an on-screen distance counter and AC/DC power converter.”

Verified by Marty Silverman, vice president of marketing for General Pipe Cleaners.
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Self-leveling camera: 1.4 inches in diameter

Standard reel lengths: 200, 300 or 400 feet

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