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Dec. 1, 2009
RER selects 2009's most innovative new products, designed to offer convenience and increased productivity, as its 2009 Innovative Product Award recipients.

The RER Innovative Product Award was established in 2003 to honor excellence in new product development in the equipment rental industry. This year the awards showcase the most innovative products introduced between Aug. 1, 2008 and July 31, 2009.

RER editors narrowed the pool of entries to one winner in each of nine categories, with the exception of a tie in the Generators/Welders category. Then, its editors selected the product they felt displayed the most innovation in respect to the rental business from the 10 products selected as category winners. One product was named the Gold Award winner. Silver and Bronze Awards were also awarded.

Thanks to all of the companies that entered products in this year's RER Innovative Product Award competition. Following are the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners, followed by the products that won their respective categories, and then the year's honorable mentions. For additional information on the Innovative Product Award winners and video clips of some of the entries, visit www.rermag.com.

Gold Award

Category winner Lifts

GRC-12 Runabout Contractor

Genie Industries, Redmond, Wash.

Key Innovation: Features a slide-out extension deck that allows one or two operators an extra 17.5 inches of outreach, which is unmatched in the industry, according to Genie. In addition, the disconnect platform allows for platform replacement, if needed, by the removal of two bolts rather than complete disassembly of the mast and top section.

Each year RER selects one product that exhibits significant innovation in its design, engineering and function, and puts it on a pedestal to inform readers about its development process and the solution it brings to users in the rental industry. This year's top prize goes to the Genie GRC-12 Runabout Contractor, which sort of is a pedestal in itself. But this is no ordinary pedestal. One of the biggest points of innovation of the GRC-12 Runabout Contractor is its extending deck, which slides out to provide an extra 17.5 inches of outreach for the comfort and convenience of one or two operators.

“The Genie GRC-12 Runabout Contractor is a great example of innovation combined with efficiency,” says Jeff Weido, product manager, Terex AWP, Redmond, Wash. “Maintaining the lowest ground-level entry at 15.5 inches, the GRC-12 offers the capability of a scissorlift and the compact size of a runabout. Its zero inside turning radius allows this durable machine quick maneuverability in congested work spaces.”

The Genie GRC-12 Runabout Contractor is engineered to be durable and productive on indoor construction sites where contractors are installing and repairing drywall, electrical, HVAC and more. The GRC-12 provides contractors the option of a two-person occupancy workspace with a narrow profile to get more done in a small amount of space. This new unit is built with a steel platform and rails, and the telescoping mast is encased in steel, giving it additional protection against worksite debris.

“Designed for construction environments, our quick-disconnect platform allows for platform replacement, if needed, by the removal of two bolts,” Weido says. “Competitive models require the disassembly of the mast and top section in order to replace the platform.”

With a lift capacity of 500 pounds and the slide-out extension deck, operators on the GRC-12 can work to a height of 18 feet. This unit offers a narrow 2-foot, 5.5-inch width by 4-foot, 5.75-inch length profile, allowing the unit to fit in most elevators and to be driven through doorways with an operator onboard. The GRC-12 can also be driven when fully elevated for increased productivity.

During the development of the GRC-12 consideration of serviceability was key, leading to several maintenance solutions that make it well suited to the rental industry. The mast lift cylinder lugs are bolted making servicing the cylinder quick and simple. Competitive units require more time and effort because their masts are welded on, Genie says. In addition, the unit's large rear covers are made from ABS, a flexible material known for maintaining its shape in extreme environments. The main components of the GRC-12 are easily accessible behind the ABS covers instead of in the hard-to-access chassis area.

“The Portables Engineering team, led by Scott Osborn and senior market analyst Kim Williams, used customer input, sales feedback and field research to design the GRC-12 to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and solve worksite challenges,” Weido explains.

And thus, this year, the Genie GRC-12 Runabout Contractor extendable deck personnel lift sits atop RER's Innovative Product Award pedestal for 2009.

Silver Award

Category winner: Compressors/Air Tools

M200 portable air compressor

Kaeser Compressors, Fredericksburg, Va.

Key Innovation: Uses exclusive Sigma Control Mobile, which optimizes fuel consumption, improves compressor efficiency and provides diagnostic tools in a reliable, user-friendly system.

Kaeser Compressors introduces the new M200 portable rotary screw compressor with its exclusive Sigma Control Mobile. Specifically designed to run today's high-efficiency engines that must meet stringent Tier-3 and higher emissions standards, Sigma Control Mobile not only limits emissions, but it optimizes fuel consumption, improves compressor efficiency and provides diagnostic tools in one reliable, user-friendly system.

“The Mobilair M200 is innovative because of our proprietary Sigma Control Mobile system,” says Angela Kelly, Kaeser Compressors communications director. “This advanced engine and compressor control system monitors and displays performance data and operational status while using logically structured menus for maximum user-friendliness. Sigma Control Mobile allows remote diagnostics but most importantly, it identifies the specific source of the alarm rather than giving a general error message. This significantly increases the users' ability to troubleshoot issues and limits downtime. No other portable compressor manufacturer offers this level of control and monitoring.”

The Sigma Control Mobile was developed by combining the company's expertise garnered from the introduction of Sigma Control on its stationary compressors 10 years ago, customer feedback and by partnering with Siemens. It is engineered to precisely match motor function to compressed air demand — functioning much like an electrical-based modulation control. Because modern engines require much tighter controls than older engines, Sigma Control Mobile processes input from highly accurate sensors, similar to EC units on modern cars, to make sure that all operating parameters are tightly regulated and to limit emissions.

An electronically controlled air intake valve on the M200 allows system pressure to be controlled within 0.0015 psi directly from the Sigma Control Mobile's display, which makes operation simpler and significantly enhances fuel efficiency even when operating at partial load.

In addition, Kaeser Compressors' research and development team created its own proprietary software with simple and intuitive interfaces packaged with rugged and durable hardware for the toughest worksite environments.

“To ensure intuitive, user-friendly operation, we offer simple, plain-text menus with specific alarms that clearly identify the source of the alert,” says Adam Sutton, Mobilair sales coordinator. “The control is also shock and vibration resistant, and, responding to industry demands, was specifically designed to help units meet today's more stringent Tier-3 emissions standards through highly accurate sensors.”

Powered by a 186-hp Caterpillar diesel engine, the M200 provides 750 cfm at 100 psig. The compressor unit's single-axle chassis provides maximum versatility and maneuverability. Its effective cooling system keeps the system working at temperatures as high as 120F. Plus, the M200 features a super-soundproof enclosure and the energy-saving Sigma Profile airend to provide more air with less horsepower.

The Mobilair M200 is designed for applications with larger air demand such as sandblasting, demolition and bridge work. The first M200 unit, introduced in March, is on site at Ground Zero in New York City, supporting the reconstruction taking place there, the company notes.

Bronze Award

Category winner Concrete-working Equipment

TE 1000-AVR breaker

Hilti Corp., Tulsa, Okla.

Key Innovation: With 16 foot-pounds of energy, the TE 1000-AVR offers unparalleled demolition impact in its weight class.

Featuring the lowest vibration in its class, according to the company, the TE 1000-AVR has the power for outstanding demolition productivity yet offers the flexibility to reduce impact for precision work. The TE 1000-AVR is suited for applications from demolition of concrete slabs to digging in clay to heavy floor tile removal.

“One of the key factors in the innovation of the TE 1000-AVR is the SR motor,” says Clay Holder, senior product manager - drilling and demolition, Tulsa, Okla. “This motor does not have carbon brushes, nor does it have copper windings on the rotor or a commutator. Those are things every tool tech knows and every tool tech has to fix or replace. Now they don't. The electronics in the tool manage the motor and help protect it from voltage variations, from up to 135 volts down to 75 volts.”

The TE 1000-AVR provides 16 foot-pounds of impact energy, which in itself is not unparalleled, but the shape of the impact curve is the key, Hilti says, to making the impact between the chisel and the concrete last longer. Even with the power generated by the 1,600-watt motor, the TE 1000-AVR is built for long service life.

“What that means is the impact force is sustained in order to create deeper fractures into the concrete base per impact blow,” explains Holder. “With the TE 1000-AVR the rental company owner provides a tool with a higher productivity rate for the end user, which at the same time results in the tool being used less, thus lengthening the service life of the tool.”

An active cooling system reduces wear and tear by drawing air in from the rear of the tool to first cool the electronics, then the motor, then up to the gear section, and finally the hammering mechanism. In addition, the three-chamber sealing helps keep dust out of the tool. The result is longer intervals between service and twice the expected tool life.

“Typically, tools with universal motors (motors that use carbon brushes) have to limit the amount of air flow through the motor because of all the concrete dust that flows with the air through the motor,” says Holder. “If too much dust gets in, it can cause premature brush and motor wear. Since the TE 1000-AVR uses the SR motor, it is not limited in that regard and can circulate more air, thus keeping the inner workings of the tool cooler.”

The advanced vibration reduction system aids operator comfort and allows the operator to be more productive by working longer. For precision work, the TE 1000-AVR's Power Reduction Switch cuts the impact by 30 percent to improve handling and control in sensitive applications. In addition, the tool is compatible with an array of Hilti's self-sharpening chisels.

Computer Software Category Winner

Alert EasyPro Executive Dashboard

Alert Management, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Key Innovation: Combines more than 40 reports into colorful charts and graphs that help owners and managers react swiftly to business changes.

Alert Management Systems announces new business intelligence capabilities as part of Alert EasyPro 10.0, its comprehensive Windows rental management software for the equipment rental industry. The Alert Executive Dashboard combines more than 40 reports into colorful charts and graphs that will help users react more swiftly to changes in the health of their business. The Alert Executive Dashboard includes 12-month trailing revenue reports, sales forecasting, comparison to goal and many other critical measures. It can replace arcane spreadsheet models and the equivalent of hundreds of admin hours. The software requires no training and can be run remotely by owners or executives.
Reader Service No. 183 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Cutting/Drilling Category Winner

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Norton Construction Products, Stephenville, Texas

Key Innovation: Sound dampening technology well above the industry standard for diamond blades. A blade core design and segment shape enhancing sound and performance of cut and life.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduces the Silencio diamond blade, under its Norton brand, which takes noise dampening to an unprecedented level and has garnered innovation awards from Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain. The patent-pending technology reduces noise levels by up to 15 dB (A) in some frequency ranges. A new generation of sandwich-steel center blades utilizes a resin core to prevent noise generation that no silent blade could do before. An offset gullet design prevents air flow inside the two steel layers and therefore eliminates the whistling sound that is created with standard diamond blades. The combination makes the Silencio blade an effective option for reducing the noise impact on the building site and the surrounding neighborhood. The 15mm and premium diamond segments extend blade life. Trapezoidal-shaped segments lower blade impact improving cut quality and operator fatigue. These blades are available with different specifications for handheld saws, walk-behind saws and masonry saws.
Reader Service No. 184 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Earthmoving Equipment Category Winner

KX121-3 compact excavator with 6-in-1 blade

Kubota Tractor Corp., Torrance, Calif.

Key Innovation: A new hydraulic blade angles and tilts for greater versatility and function.

Kubota engineered the KX121-3's 6-in-1 blade for easy and efficient operation. The new blade is the first on the market with extended tilt functions, allowing the blade to be angled 25 degrees and tilted 10 degrees for greater efficiency when leveling and backfilling. As an additional enhancement, Kubota added a “T” button on top of the blade's operating lever to control the new tilt function, so the same motion that operates the angle blade will maneuver the tilt blade. The 6-in-1 blade features an offset indicator that highlights angle and tilt, so the operator can easily judge the blade position at all times. The KX121-3's new 6-in-1 blade is also wider for increased capacity and productivity. The new wider blade is 5 feet, 11 inches wide and extends two inches past the KX121-3's tracks on each side, increasing the blade's capacity by eight percent. The blade's wide design keeps soil out of the space between the blade and the tracks and allows operators to better shape edges and complete slopes. The KX121-3 with 6-in-1 blade will boost productivity in a range of excavating projects and is suitable for rental users, contractors and landscapers.
Reader Service No. 185 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Generators/Welders Category Winners - Tie

1500kW Rental Power unit

Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis

Key Innovation: The 1500 kW features the fuel capacity, climate tolerance, environmental responsibility and consistency of design that allows for an easy-to-operate customer interface.

The environmentally friendly 1500 kW Rental Power unit from Cummins Power Generation provides versatility in a complete pre-integrated system with increased fuel capacity and better fuel economy than competitive generator sets in its class, the company says. The unit is reliable, flexible and quiet, while offering ease of use and simple maintenance. A temperature-tolerant cooling system is engineered to provide reliable operation in ambient temperatures to 113 F (45 C), enabling the generator set to operate at maximum load without derating in a range of demanding climates. The large fuel tank is designed to hold 1,600 gallons of fuel for a run time of 22 hours at prime power (75 percent load) before refueling. That translates into fewer refueling trips, lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint. The new Rental Power unit meets Tier-2 emission requirements and can be fueled with B20 biodiesel fuel. For operation in environmentally sensitive areas, the unit protects against fuel spills with a dual-wall fuel tank and 110-percent engine compartment fluid containment. The generator also uses coolant that is environmentally friendly. The unit's sound attenuation (74 dBA at 7 meters at full load) is suitable for applications where noise ordinances are in place. The unit's completely pre-integrated system allows for the generator set to provide precise frequency and voltage regulations using message displays and an alarm message system in an easy-to-operate customer interface.
Reader Service No. 186 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

EU3000i Handi portable generator

Honda Power Equipment, Alpharetta, Ga.

Key Innovation: An extremely lightweight portable generator with integrated wheels and a fold-out handle.

The all-new EU3000i Handi portable generator adds increased portability to the fuel efficiency and reliability of Honda's existing EU3000i generator. The lightweight and user-friendly EU3000i Handi provides customers with dependable, portable power for use at home or at remote recreational sites. Producing 3,000 watts of power, the EU3000i Handi meets a variety of power needs. Compared to the Honda EU3000i generator, the EU3000i Handi is nearly 45-percent lighter with a dry weight of 77.6 pounds, a significant reduction in weight for a unit producing the same power output. In an all-new design for Honda, the EU3000i Handi features built-in wheels, two fixed handles and a folding handle to allow for easy movement of the generator from place to place. When one person uses the foldable handle to wheel the generator, its total towing weight is 17.6 pounds. In addition, the EU3000i Handi is the quietest generator in its market segment, producing between 56-65 dB of sound while in operation.
Reader Service No. 187 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Technology Enhancements Category Winner

Case Wheel Loader Joystick Steering System

Case Construction Equipment, Racine, Wis.

Key Innovation: Joystick steering is a more efficient and effective way to steer a Case wheel loader.

Joystick steering is now available on Case E Series wheel loader models 521E through 921E. With the joystick steering option, operators can expect more efficiency, increased productivity and less fatigue. The option includes a joystick lever; a forward, neutral, reverse switch and a transmission kick-down switch — all housed in the left armrest of the machine. Along with the available power curves, the joystick steering option allows the operator to match the capabilities of the wheel loader to the specific application. Joystick steering can be used in all gears and in all work modes, increasing efficiency and machine productivity. Joystick steering is recommended in repetitive-cycle operations to reduce operator fatigue and improve machine productivity. When using the joystick option, operators reduce shoulder and elbow fatigue associated with the repetitive circular arm movements used with steering wheels. While not recommended for on-road applications, the feature operates at full response under 12 mph and at 80-percent response over 12 mph.
Reader Service No. 188 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Miscellaneous Category Winner

LTN 6 light tower

Wacker Neuson Corp., Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Key Innovation: Light towers designed with stamped 10-gauge steel tub to provide increased strength and full protection from ground debris, plus high-impact polyethylene doors are dust and rust proof, making these units rental tough.

Wacker Neuson introduces the new LTN 6 series of light towers that incorporate a sleek, durable design, andquieter operation with excellent lighting. The LTN 6 series was designed from the ground up to improve rental fleet ROI. A revolutionary look replaces the industry standard metal box style with a streamlined, curved design made from high-impact polyethylene, which is dent and rust proof. An automotive-style, 10-gauge stamped-steel tub provides superior strength, full protection from ground debris and reduced sound emissions. The LTN 6 series also features quiet operation with sound levels as low as 67 dBA at 23 feet compared to an industry average of more than 70 dBA. Other features include easy service access due to doors that extend the full length of the unit. A neutral light grey body color is specially blended to hide dirt.
Reader Service No. 189 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Honorable Mentions

Computer Software

Enterprise Customer Relation Management

Point-of-Rental Systems, Grand Prairie, Texas

Key Innovation: Integration with internal task list, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Calendar and Google Calendar.

Point-of-Rental Systems introduces its new Customer Relation Management software, which is designed to provide a mechanism to make contact with customers, store information pertaining to the contact and to notify someone to make contact with the customer. The heart of the new CRM features is the reminder page. From the reminder page, users are able to create a reminder using Point-of-Rental's internal Task List, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Calendar or Google Calendar. This reminder can be created for yourself, for an employee, an employee group, or for anyone with an email account. Reminders can be created from a number of locations including from within a customer's record, a contract screen, while working your accounts in Customer Balance, or contract-specific reminders from Day at a Glance. Reminders are then accessible from any computer via the Internet or even using a web-enabled cell phone. Users can also have an email reminder sent to them every day displaying everything on their schedule for that day.
Reader Service No. 190 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Earthmoving Equipment

V270 skid loader

Gehl Co., West Bend, Wis.

Key Innovation: High-strength, low-profile boom design provides increased visibility and the ability to lift loads in a nearly vertical path up to 130 inches.

Gehl Co. introduces its all-new Model V270 skid loader, featuring an 84-hp Yanmar turbo-diesel engine and a rated operating capacity of 2,700 pounds, making it the strongest skid loader in its class, according to the company. The V270 skid loader achieves vertical lift with a state-of-the-art lift arm design that provides extended reach and lift height for easy truck and material loading. With more than 130 inches of lift height, the V270 lifts higher than any competitor in its weight class, the company says. The lift arm design provides optimal views to the sides of the loader and direct line-of-sight to the bucket cutting edge. Thick steel plating braces the lift arm, providing additional strength and substantial forward reach. For operator comfort, the V270 features an all-new ergonomic cab design. The optional, pressurized sealed cab enclosure provides a clean and quiet operating environment. Fully adjustable controls and an optional air-ride seat deliver operator comfort. Extra-large side screens and an optional wide-view front glass door provide unsurpassed visibility to the bucket cutting edge and front work area. The new side-folding restraint bar and armrests feature multiple adjustments to enhance operator comfort and safety.
Reader Service No. 191 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Earthmoving Equipment

Mustang 2012 skid-steer loader

Mustang, West Bend, Wis.

Key Innovation: This super-compact model measures only 3-feet wide and 6.25-feet tall, making it just right for maneuvering through narrow alleys, doorways, aisles and corridors.

The all-new 2012 skid-steer loader from Mustang is a super-compact model that measures only 3-feet wide and 6.25-feet tall, making it well suited for maneuvering through narrow alleys, doorways, aisles and corridors. Featuring a 24-hp Yanmar diesel engine, the 2012 skid-steer loader has a rated operating capacity of 850 pounds and a lift height of 96 inches. Auxiliary hydraulic couplers provide easy access for powering a variety of compact attachments and a universal-style, quick-attach attachment bracket speeds attachment changes. In addition, a spring-applied, hydraulic-release brake system responds quickly, holding the loader whenever the operator leaves the seat.
Reader Service No. 192 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

Earthmoving Equipment


The Toro Co., Bloomington, Minn.

Key Innovation: First 26-hp tracked trencher on the market. It offers greater power for those using trenchers daily on jobsites.

Toro's new 26-hp TRX trencher is designed to work faster and straighter than you'd expect from a walk-behind trencher. The tracks, combined with Toro's exclusive easy-to-use control system, provide unparalleled maneuverability, all while offering the ultimate in operational performance. The tracks provide a low center of gravity and large footprint that increase productivity and maneuverability without creating ruts. The TRX controls work almost exactly like those on the easy-to-use Toro Dingo, so you can train quickly and get to the jobsite faster. The simple control system allows users to trench with one hand while adjusting boom depth with the other — eliminating the ‘jerk’ steering required with other trenchers that have handlebar steering. TRX models trench up to 48 inches.
Reader Service No. 193 • freeproductinfo.net/rer


S-80/85 telescopic booms

Genie, Redmond, Wash.

Key Innovation: Features a virtual pivot boom, which keeps the weight of the boom over the chassis' center of gravity as it elevates, eliminating the need for extra counterweight, and keeps the overall weight of the machine down for better use in more sensitive terrains.

Genie's S-80/85 telescopic booms were redesigned to optimize value in terms of greater uptime and cost of ownership. The significant changes on the S-80/85 booms include an exclusive virtual pivot boom assembly; fixed-width axles; faster elevation time; improved software design for smoother, more comfortable operation; and intuitive operator and serviceability features. The fixed-width axles give the machines an 8-foot, 2-inch total width both on the trailer and on the jobsite. They can be easily transported over the road without a special permit on a standard equipment trailer. The fixed-axle system improves the machine's durability and efficiency, as serviceability is easier and less costly by having fewer hydraulic components and moving parts. To enhance operator efficiency, the elevation time on the S-80/85 is significantly decreased to 68 seconds. An improved control system with boom angle sensors gives operators a comfortable feel with smooth action, especially at the top height of elevation. The only 80-foot boom in the industry with a patented active oscillating axle, it provides better traction in rough terrain for a smoother ride for the operator. The former shotgun-style cylinder boom assembly has been replaced with a single cylinder and sequencing cable system, the same assembly on the S-60/S-65 booms that is lighter weight and less costly to repair. Many of the hydraulic hoses on the swing chassis have been replaced with hard lines that provide consistent routing, longer life and easier maintenance.
Reader Service No. 194 • freeproductinfo.net/rer


Genie 360°

Genie, Redmond, Wash.

Key Innovation: The Genie 360° program is designed to be a one-stop shop of customer support services, including refurbishing, user equipment, field and factory support, training, parts and warranties.

Genie offers its Genie 360° — a comprehensive suite of services to meet its customers' aftermarket needs. The company now offers Terex Xtend extended service protection plans on its complete line of Genie booms, scissors and telehandlers. All U.S. customers have the opportunity to purchase extended protection for these models. The extended service protection plan provides customers the opportunity to purchase one to four years of additional coverage.

Equipment parts for other manufacturers' products are now available for order in North America. Parts for Genie aerial work platforms and Terex light towers and generators are available for order via the online Serial Number Smart Parts Lookup System. As part of its Genie 360° strategy of aftermarket services, Genie joined the SmartEquip Network. By utilizing this application, its customers now have the ability to easily order Genie and Terex parts along with other manufacturers' items. Adoption of this technology provides one location for participating construction equipment manufacturers, rental dealers and fleet owners to connect when purchasing parts. Customers utilizing this application are also able to view up-to-date product schematics, parts availability and price information for products.
Reader Service No. 195 • freeproductinfo.net/rer

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