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Husqvarna K760 power cutter

The K760 Husqvarna power cutter is equipped with the X-Torq engine, which is engineered by Husqvarna to reduce emissions up to 75 percent as well as lower fuel consumption. Specially developed for two-stroke engines, X-Torq utilizes dual intakes; one for clean air and one for a fuel-air mixture. An Active Air Filtration system contains a new centrifugal nozzle that increases the level of filtration, extending filter-life and allowing the saw to run for up to one year without filter service.

            One contractor who recently used the K760 to make expansion joints in the four new parking garages at Marlins Park appreciated its ability to enable operators to work within tight areas and control overcuts. “The Cut-n-Break was the perfect tool for the 1-inch joints,” said Joe Bland, vice president of ABC Concrete Cutting. “The saw ran in all orientations allowing us to make cuts without having to use scaffolding or moving to another location.”

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