July 1, 2008
The EH 27 Low Vib electric breaker from Wacker Neuson offers more power with less hand/arm vibration.

Wacker Neuson

The EH 27 Low Vib electric breaker from Wacker Neuson offers more power with less hand/arm vibration. The electric breaker weighs 60 pounds and hits with 37 foot-pounds of impact energy at a 1,000 bpm. The user-friendly tool also offers an additional third handle for maximum versatility at different angles and provides greater operator control. The heavy-duty plastic housing keeps the overall machine weight down and is designed to prevent the machine from heating up during operation.
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Tramac, of Doosan Infracore International, introduces the SC-42 light-range breaker into its SC-Series of hydraulic hammers. The SC-42 is designed for carriers from 11,000 to 26,500 pounds and has an operating weight of 967 pounds. With an operating pressure of 1,812 psi, the SC-42 has a flow range of 14.5 to 26.4 gpm. This hydraulic breaker is rated at an impact energy class of 1,250 foot-pounds and has an impact frequency range of 550 to 1,450 bpm. The tool diameter is 3.31 inches.
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Bobcat expands its line of hydraulic breaker attachments with the HB280 and HB2380 (pictured). The HB280 is a smaller version of current Bobcat hydraulic breakers and the HB2380 is a larger model that is in the 1,000 foot-pound impact energy class. Available for use only on the Bobcat 316 compact excavator, the HB280 is in the 60 foot-pound impact energy class and has a CIMA rating of 59 foot-pounds. The HB280 weighs 127 pounds and provides 1,120 to 1,290 bpm through a hydraulic flow of 3.4 to 6.1 gpm. The HB2380 features a hydraulic flow range of 19.8 to 33 gpm, provides 600 to 950 bpm and has a CIMA rating of 700 foot-pounds.
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Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools

The CP hydraulic breaker line from Chicago Pneumatic includes five light models with service weights from 209 to 827 pounds. These breakers are suitable for smaller 1.3- to 12-metric-ton carriers. The CP breakers feature an enclosed box design and elastic damping elements that isolate noise from the percussion mechanism and reduce harmful vibrations. The result is reduced noise on the jobsite and less strain on the breaker and the carrier.
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Bosch Power Tools and Accessories

Bosch introduces the Jack 11335 35-pound breaker hammer, which hits at 34 foot-pounds of impact force and weighs 35 pounds. The unit features the active vibration reduction handle that is a flexible two-handed design and dissipates vibration by 40 percent. Each Jack breaker comes with the Bosch self-sharpening star-point hex chisel, and Jack accommodates all standard 1 ⅛-inch hex steel and standard 1 ⅛-inch air steel.
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The Toro hydraulic breaker attachment, for use with Dingo compact utility loaders, uses 175 foot-pounds of force and delivers 1,200 bpm to break materials to a depth of 11 inches. Designed for breaking up footings, sidewalks, foundations and other solid structures, the breaker features a multi-position mounting head, allowing users to easily break materials in both horizontal and vertical positions. The hydraulic breaker uses the Dingo's hydraulic system, which produces up to 12 gpm of flow at 3,000 psi of hydraulic power.
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DeWalt introduces the D25980K breaker, designed for plumbers, waterproofers, demolition crews and public utilities workers to break up concrete and asphalt on the jobsite. The breaker is equipped with metal, automotive-style seals on the ram and piston. These seals help to prevent dust and debris from entering the unit, ensuring a longer life. The D25980K offers 61 foot-pounds of impact energy and it is designed with an electronic control system that provides the unit with a controlled start and constant speed under load. The soft-start system allows the breaker to begin breaking as soon as the tool comes in contact with concrete.
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Atlas Copco Construction Tools

The SBC 410 hydraulic breaker attachment from Atlas Copco is designed for use on skid steers, backhoes and excavators in the 4,400- to 12,100-pound weight class. Weighing 453 pounds and accepting a maximum hydraulic flow of 17.2 gpm at a working pressure of 2,175 psi, the breaker delivers an impact rate of up to 1,200 bpm. The high power-to-weight ratio allows the unit to be used on a smaller carrier without sacrificing stability and makes the breaker suited for roadwork, demolition, stake driving and secondary breaking.
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The TE 905 breaker from Hilti features active vibration reduction technology that allows the operator increased comfort because it provides up to 60-percent less vibration. The breaker has a durable, double-casing design with a metal housing. Using power input of 1,600 watts, the tool has a hammering speed of 2,200 bpm and single impact energy of 12.5 foot pounds. The unit is used for breaking sidewalks, taking up ceramic tiles and knocking down brick walls, as well as other demolition applications.
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