Product Spotlight, Telematics

Dec. 1, 2010
Komatsu In addition to location and hour-meter updates, Komatsu's Komtrax offers information on machine health and productivity and is now installed as


In addition to location and hour-meter updates, Komatsu's Komtrax offers information on machine health and productivity and is now installed as standard on new crawler dozers, wheel loaders, excavators, articulated dump trucks, smaller dump trucks and motor graders, and can be installed on older units as well. The data enables timely preparation by service technicians. Operation monitoring can facilitate proper maintenance scheduling and help identify potential problems before failure occurs.
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JLG Industries' ClearSky fleet management system enables rental companies to recognize a problem with a machine. A rental company might receive an alert, ping the machine with ClearSky's on-demand feature that analyzes the machine operating system and determines the source of the problem, and then can send a technician with the correct parts to repair the unit. JLG has launched aftermarket ClearSky kits to add to machines. In addition to on-demand, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, ClearSky offers preventive maintenance alerts, maintenance history, geo fencing and the ability to map all fleet assets locally, regionally and nationally.
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Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless releases the Qtanium 300, a GPS-tracking device for off-road construction equipment, designed for use with the company's OnlineAVL2 fleet-tracking and management systems. Features include a waterproof enclosure and connecting cables; usability in operating temperatures of -22 to 167 degrees F; up to 24 hours of battery life with a five-month backup battery ensuring the vehicle can still be located if a thief cuts the wires; special engineering to prevent tampering with the antenna to conceal the GPS' location; a motion sensor that detects movement of stationary vehicles and sends an alert to provide early notification of possible theft; and support for up to 100 geofences for tracking vehicle movement outside of pre-defined boundaries.
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Topcon Positioning System's RC-4 is a compact, QuickLock remote system that uses dual lasers and a built-in spectrum radio to enhance efficiencies. The system, designed for use with the Topcon QS robotic total station, the RC-4 commands the robotic station to search via optical signals carried by laser beams. The field controller can be connected to the RC-4 using Bluetooth wireless technology.
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Deere & Co./JD Link

After a few years of customer use, John Deere's JD Link has benefited from customer feedback. The wireless communication system delivers location, utilization, performance and maintenance data and is offered as standard on some units. The system provides fuel data, including consumption, load utilization and gallons per hour. JD Link provides geofencing capabilities and utilization per function such as how much time a loader spends working in third gear. It can also provide driving directions. An Alert Log with a description of each alert code can be accessed on demand, with all stop-engine alerts sent by e-mail, Internet or cell phone.
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Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch offers optional GPS systems for tracking and managing equipment. The systems are web-based and can be accessible from any computer, laptop or mobile device. Each GPS system can be configured for daily updates or for 5- to 10-section live tracking. The tracker can include monitoring a customer's equipment's hours of operation; keep track of maintenance intervals; locate stolen equipment; and operator monitoring. Capabilities include remote locking or unlocking of vehicles, and monitoring vehicle-mounted pumps and driver activities. Trackers are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and are designed to be easily installed in concealed locations.
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