The RER 100 Turning of the Tide

Nov. 1, 2011
Not every rental company will profit from the fervent search for and development of energy sources. But for some, it can be, literally, like striking oil.

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The year will be remembered, as RSC Rental CEO Erik Olsson put it, as “a tale of two halves.” The first half was much like 2009 — uncertain, with weak demand, not knowing when or where the bottom will be reached, a lack of customer confidence. The second half brought increased activity, far greater confidence in the marketplace, and more business in general.

Just looking at most of the numbers of the RER 100 would not inspire one on first glance to think the industry experienced any kind of breakthrough or improvement in 2010. Adding up the numbers for the entire 1-100 list — excluding those listed beyond 100 — the list, 1 through 100, totals $10,260.5 million (more precisely $10.3 billion), compared with $10,311.8 million in 2009, a decrease of about half of 1 percent. Statistically, that would be regarded as flat.

For companies that provided numbers both years or for which reliable estimates were able to be made both years, the percentage difference is also around half a percentage point. If you look at the top 10, the rental and total volume numbers for most of the players are amazingly similar year over year. For example, United Rentals (No. 1 on the RER 100) went from $1,830 million in 2009 to $1,834.0 million in 2010. RSC (No. 2) went from $1,073.0 million to $1,060.3 million. Sunbelt Rentals (No. 3) had the same rental volume two years in a row. Ahern Rentals (No. 7) went from $250.1 million to $246.8 million. Finning (No. 9) went from $224.4 million to $221.1 million (in U.S. dollars). RER estimates Sunstate Equipment Co. (No. 16) as almost exactly flat year over year. There are a number of other similar samples. And comparing the top 10 of the RER 100 this year to last year (See chart page 33), the difference is also less than 1 percent.

For the most part, going down the list, neither increases nor decreases are particularly dramatic, with a few exceptions such as Aggreko (No. 6), 22.7 percent up year over year, a company which, one could point out, is in a very different market than the vast majority of RER 100 companies that butter their bread on non-residential construction. Other major increases included Holt Cat (No. 23), which jumped 20 percent; North Central Rental and Leasing (No. 36), which rose 24.7 percent; Oklahoma City-based Kirby-Smith Machinery (No. 39), which climbed 32.4 percent; Acme Lift (No. 46) up 33.3 percent; Stowers Machinery (No. 49) up 21.3 percent; WesternOne Rentals & Sales (No. 57), up 33.7 percent; 60-percent increase for Canadian distributor Strongco Equipment (No. 67); and 21.4 percent for Anderson Equipment (No. 77). But these larger increases were unusual in a year that was relatively constant compared with the previous year.

The difference, however, as Olsson says, is how the industry, for the most part, reached bottom, or bounced along the bottom during the first half of the year and began to climb upwards in the second half. United Rentals posted $830 million in rental revenue in the first two quarters combined and then improved better than 20 percent in the second half with third and fourth quarters combining for slightly more than $1 billion. RSC also improved by more than 20 percent in the second half, with combined third- and fourth-quarter rental volume of $579 million, compared with $481 million in the first two quarters. Sunbelt Rentals, Hertz Equipment Rental Corp., Finning and H&E Equipment Rental also showed significant upticks in the second half. And in compiling this year's RER 100, RER spoke with or had e-mail dialogs with the majority of the companies on this year's list and almost without exception, officials of the companies said the business environment changed in the second half.

And most of the RER 100 listees that reported to RER said 2011 is starting off strong, far better than the first half of 2010 and continuing the trends of the second half of 2010. While most will be quick to caution they aren't 100-percent convinced they are out of the woods yet, the optimism is there in most rental companies and, more importantly, their customers.

Strategies to endure the recession and come out profitably on the other end were relatively consistent throughout the RER 100. Most companies downsized their rental fleets and number of personnel, limiting their equipment purchases to replacement necessities. Paying down debt was a priority for most companies and some of the larger companies closed branches. Now however, most companies have put growth plans back on the table and are increasing capex, many by significant percentages in 2011. Some have significant expenditures on the table and will only be limited by the availability of equipment.

Acquisitions, seemingly a forgotten part of the business for most of the past two years are occurring again, most notably by United Rentals, which recently acquired Canadian aerial and crane giant Venetor as well as Gulfstar Rental Solutions, a three-location power and HVAC equipment rental company on the Gulf Coast, and HERC, which acquired about a half dozen rental companies in the past year. Essex Crane Rental expanded its West Coast operations by acquiring Coast Crane out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Trico Lift (No. 53) bought the aerial assets of Modern Group (No. 54) as part of an interesting alliance that allowed Trico to grow its aerial business while giving support to Modern's material handling business, an agreement that enables each of those businesses to concentrate and grow in the areas they do best.

Flexibility was cited by a number of rental companies as being an important part of their ability to get through the recession. Larger companies tended to work more with the industrial market as the construction slump continued. In fact RSC said 59 percent of its rental revenues in 2010 were from the industrial or non-construction markets. United Rentals, long oriented in that direction, took another major step with an alliance with No. 11 AMECO, that will give it a more complete offering particularly in the petrochemical industry in the Gulf Coast region with the alliance offering a combination of equipment rental and a wide range of site services and fleet management that AMECO specializes in.

Flexibility and diversification were important for many companies in 2010. “We credit [our rental volume increase] to our diverse product offering allowing us to penetrate several different markets,” says Adam Salinas, rental manager for Illinois Truck & Equipment, Morris, Ill. (No. 96). “Specialized attachments and equipment allows us to achieve utilization rates greater than the industry average.”

Diversity of equipment has proved valuable to some companies as has diversity of customer bases. In the case of United Rentals, for example, its largest customer accounts for less than 1 percent of its revenues, while its 10 largest account for about 4 percent. RSC says no customer accounted for more than 2 percent of its rental revenues and that its top 10 customers account for less than 15 percent.

Smaller companies have also pointed out the value of versatility and a broad customer base. “We are fortunate to have a very wide dispersed customer base that is not just focused in one affinity area,” adds Rick Dahl of Metrolift (No. 99).

While the overall economy still has some major issues, and non-residential construction, the bread and butter to most of the equipment rental industry, has a long way to go to really recover, for the most part the business environment is dramatically different today than it was one year ago when the last RER 100 was published. Optimism is abundant and most companies, rather than sense there is a light at the end of the tunnel, now feel they have emerged from the tunnel.

The tide is turning.

Rank Company Name (Last year's rank) Headquarters Top Officer Website 2010 Rental Volume in Millions 2010 Total Volume in Millions Total Number of Outlets 1 UNITED RENTALS (1)
Greenwich, Conn.
Michael Kneeland $1,834.0 $2,237.0 531 CORE price optimization software has helped United raise rates. Improved revenue in second half of 2010 and started out 2011 with strong first quarter. Changed sales structure to single point of contact. Instituted Operation United to completely revamp operations, with emphasis on improved technology, delivery performance enhanced by logistics technology, billing accuracy and other metrics to measure performance. Keeping track of its own performance has increased customer confidence. Growing focus on large national accounts has given company greater focus and ability to maximize its strengths. Alliance with AMECO should enable company to grow industrial segment. Acquired Canadian crane specialist Venetor in early 2011. 2 RSC EQUIPMENT RENTAL (2)
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Erik Olsson $1,060.3 $1,234.4 446 As CEO Olsson says, 2010 was “a tale of two halves,” with the first half much like 2009 with the second half more positive, with growth in the industrial sector and overall customer demand and confidence. Continuing to grow industrial portion of business, totaling 62 percent of revenue in first quarter of '11. Improved safety record with fewer recordable incidents, auto accidents. Added more than 250 employees. Introduced “express store” concept, satellite locations using existing store infrastructure as low-cost, quick means of deploying rental fleet into promising territories to meet customer demand (not included in location total). Running 99-percent current on preventive maintenance; 99 percent on-time delivery rate. 3 SUNBELT RENTALS (3)
Fort Mill, S.C.
Brendan Horgan $1,029.9 $1,145.7 348 Brendan Horgan's rental background and history with Sunbelt made him a natural to succeed Joe Phelan, more of a corporate financial expert who helped steer the company through the downturn. Horgan's operational expertise should be more what's needed through the upcoming growth cycle. Closed 50 Sunbelt at Lowe's locations, keeping 40 operating at least through October. Expanded into Columbus, Oklahoma City, New England, acquired Empire Scaffold in Gulf Coast region. Latter part of 2010 and beginning of 2011 show increasing demand, utilization. 4 HERTZ EQUIPMENT RENTAL CORP. (4)
Park Ridge, N.J.
Lois Boyd $858.0* $1,106.9* 213 President of rental division Gerry Plescia abruptly stepped down in January 2011 after guiding the program for about 14 years. Hertz executive Boyd named division president at press time. HERC continued to make acquisitions: Forces, a Chicago-based power generation rental company; former RER 100 listee 24/7 Studio Rentals and 1st Call Studio Rentals in southern California, as HERC plans to grow its entertainment industry involvement; Western Machinery in Hawaii, HERC's first foray into that market; RentOne Italy, a leading Italian power generation firm; established customer care center in Gulf Coast region along with car division; started joint venture for equipment rentals in Saudi Arabia. 5 HOME DEPOT RENTALS (5)
-- $525.0* n/a 1,195* Slight 2.8-percent improvement in overall revenues apparently included minimal rental revenue uptick. 6 AGGREKO NORTH AMERICA (9)
George Walker (president North America); Rupert Soames (CEO Aggreko plc) $288.0 $376.6 63 Opened branches in Seattle, Shreveport, La.; Minneapolis, Gillette, Wyo.; Minot, S.D.; and Roosevelt, Utah. Acquired Northland Power Services to grow presence in Rocky Mountain oil and gas exploration and production market. Posted record profits; increasing fleet investment in 2011. Posted 22.7-percent rental volume increase in 2010, one of top increases among RER 100 companies. Began implementation of “service mobility” system, which allows service personnel access to a range of information via handheld, as well as improved functionality to enhance efficiencies. Added first natural gas generators; began introduction of Tier-4 engines. Enhanced telematics and remote diagnostics capabilities. 7 AHERN RENTALS (7)Las Vegas Don Ahern $246.8 $292.7 72 Working on refinancing its debt structure. Has stopped branch expansion, working to build market share in established footprint. No longer reporting as public company. Revenues essentially flat year over year, despite concentration in Las Vegas and California markets. 8 MAXIM CRANE RENTAL CORP. (6)
Bridgeville, Pa.
Art Innamorato $245.0* n/a 36 Remains the continent's largest crane rental player with a fleet of more than 1,300 cranes. Foresaw the recession earlier than most, made preparations to reduce inventory and debt, helping it to survive the downturn. 9 FINNING (10)
Edmonton, Alberta
Gordon MacDougald $221.1 $2,393.3 31 The Caterpillar dealer for Western Canada, the U.K., Northern Ireland, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay expects 10-percent Canadian growth for the next three years. With particular strength in British Columbia and the oil-producing regions of Alberta, prospects are bright. Petroleum and forestry industries are recovering and strong regional construction recovery benefiting Finning in the second half of 2010 and going into 2011. Listing shows Canadian revenue only. 10 NES RENTALS (8)
Deerfield, Ill.
Andrew Studdert $208.0 $243.0 77 Net promoter score of 82 indicates strong customer satisfaction as NES surveys its customers on ongoing basis with responses comparable to Apple, Amazon and Fedex. Acquired Ballard Equipment in late 2010, a one-location aerial rental specialist based in Chattanooga, Tenn., adding about 300 aerial units to fleet. A 13-percent rental volume decline indicative of slump in aerial industry, which should see better results in 2011. 11 AMECO (13)
Greenville, S.C.
Gary Bernardez $197.0 n/a 26 Formed joint venture with United Rentals to concentrate on plant maintenance and turnaround activities in oil and gas industries, combining AMECO's site services with United Rentals extensive fleet. The two companies hope to expand to other industrial rental efforts. Also formed joint venture with Mikisew Energy Services Group — owned by Mikisew Cree First Nation — providing services in burgeoning north Alberta market. Received awards from National Safety Council for safety achievements. Working as distributor for 3M personal protection equipment on jobsites. 12 H&E EQUIPMENT SERVICES (11)
Baton Rouge, La.
John Engquist $178.0 $574.2 67 Celebrated 50 years in business in March. One of the largest Manitowoc Crane dealers in the world, and one of the largest Komatsu dealers in the U.S. Presented fully refurbished Manitowoc crane at ConExpo, remanufactured from the ground up by H&E. Began turnaround in second half after difficult first half, with much-improved utilization, revenue, profitability and rates. Rental revenue jumped 26 percent in fourth quarter, on a year-over-year basis. Recent branch opening in Virginia shows company back on growth and expansion track. 13 ALL ERECTION & CRANE RENTAL CORP. (12)
Michael Liptak $175.0* n/a 32 Continues expansion despite downturn. Upgrading facilities, obtaining safety awards, working on high-profile jobs, hoping for turnaround in crane rental industry this year. 14 NEFF RENTAL (16)
Graham Hood $173.0 $200.0 63 12.3-percent rental volume increase an impressive turnaround. Completed successful restructuring of balance sheet, emerging from Chapter 11 in October. New ownership group is Wayzata Investment Partners. 15 SAFWAY SERVICES (14)Waukesha, Wis.
Marc Wilson $160.0* n/a 78 Has reduced footprint and continues to operate successfully despite difficult time in scaffolding industry. Named one of America's Safest Companies by EHS Today magazine, one of only 12 companies honored with the award in 2010. Passed all seismic qualification tests of Class 1E equipment and is in full compliance with ANSI standards. 16 SUNSTATE EQUIPMENT CO. (17)
Mike Watts $146.0* n/a 56 Expanded into Memphis, Tenn., Sunstate's ninth state, helping to utilize excess fleet. Launched Dynamic Dispatching system, utilizing fleet tracking, geocoding, graphic display and Sunstate's own database to make delivery and pickup more efficient. Expects to double expenditures on fleet in 2011. Business picked up in second half to offset slow first half. Was finalist for Arizona Spirit of Excellence Award from Arizona State U. business school. Joined SmartEquip network, tailoring the system to its unique needs to enhance transactions and communications with suppliers and their dealers. 17 VOLVO RENTS (18)
Asheville, N.C.
Scott Hall $143.0 $225.0 70 Volvo Rents Chairman, Scott Hall, joins Volvo Rents management team as CEO with Volvo Rents veteran Barry Natwick continuing as chief operating officer as the company prepares for expansion. Grew “best of best” customer segment by about 15 percent, representing majority of rental revenue. Time utilization grew from 65 percent in 2009 to 75 percent in 2010. Soon to roll out Volvo Rents Online Connection, which will enable customers to order, reserve, and call equipment off rent online, along with real-time call & chat function and other benefits. Substantial community service initiatives to support troops and build homes for injured veterans. 18 AMQUIP CRANE CORP. (15)
Trevose, Pa.
Charles Snyder $126.4 n/a 14 Named rental veteran Charles Snyder, one of the industry's most innovative leaders, CEO, replacing Frank Bardonaro who took a leadership position with Terex Cranes as managing director of Americas region. Board and management have managed AmQuip well during recession, generating positive cash and paying down debt. Crane business lagging behind general rental but most crane rental executives expect improvement in 2011; AmQuip should be well-positioned. Fleet utilization showing an upward trend. 19 RING POWER (19)
Jacksonville, Fla.
Randy Ringhaver $105.8* n/a 14 Had about a 10-percent rental revenue uptick and raised rental rates about 15 percent in last six months. Economy in north and central Florida improving but not booming; will take a couple more years to get housing back to where it was. Ring crane technicians working on construction of new Florida Marlins ballpark. 20 BATTLEFIELD EQUIPMENT RENTALS (21)
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Randy Casson $98.9 $192.6 37 One of Canada's top rental players and one of the industry's top Cat Rental Store groups, enjoyed a 15-percent increase as Ontario economy held its own during recession. 21 EQUIPMENT DEPOT (20)
Giel Claes $84.9* $307.0* 40 Small rental volume decrease for material handling rental specialist comprised of five diverse companies' branches in 13 states, from the Atlantic shore to the Great Lakes, from the Ohio River valley to the Rio Grande and the Gulf of Mexico. Each company has unique inventory mix. All owned by Pon Group, they all took the Equipment Depot name in 2008. Each company makes local decisions but draws on the group for support. 22 RED-D-ARC WELDERENTALS (23)Austell, Ga.
Mitch Imielinski $81.0* $106.0* 66 Remains the dominant player in welding equipment rental. Launched a customer access portal that offers customers a comprehensive list of equipment currently on rent, the details of rental orders and a listing of outstanding invoices. Has wide-ranging inventory of almost every kind of welder available. 23 HOLT CAT (24)
San Antonio
Allyn Archer $80.0 n/a 15 Strong 20-percent increase for one of the U.S.' top Caterpillar dealers, a major rebound after '09's nearly 40-percent plunge. Business began improving in March and stayed strong, with new equipment sales, rental, used sales, parts and service all contributing. Rates still a challenge but improving, better than 2009 levels. Product availability may be a challenge in '11. Worked with other dealers to develop improved rental fleet management software. Consolidated operation of mid-sized and smaller machines with heavy Cat rental fleet to improve coordination and increase utilization. Hopes to expand partnership with independent rental houses in less urban areas. Began development of an eBusiness platform for email marketing. 24 BRIGGS EQUIPMENT (22)
David Bratton $77.8 n/a 26 Although slight drop from 2009 numbers, that revenue included $10 million from Briggs Construction (Case dealerships) now discontinued. In terms of continuing operations, '10 numbers are an uptick. Acquired Hyster dealer Equinter in central/southern Mexico, and purchased certain assets of United Rentals operation in Mexico as United exited Mexico. Purchased LLT, a Taylor forklift dealer in Houston and surrounding areas. Expects moderate business improvement in '11; plans to implement field sales force automation. Handles Yale, Taylor, Genie, Terex, Trackmobile, Ottawa in U.S.; Yale, Hyster, Bobcat, Capacity in Mexico; switched from Caterpillar to Yale in U.K. 25 LOCATION D'OUTILS SIMPLEX (26)
Andre Veronneau $61.8 $82.4 42 At press time acquired Gant Blanc Equipment Rental, a franchise of the Loutec chain, with branches in St. Hilaire and St. Basile-le-Grand in Quebec. Remains top equipment rental player in Quebec and one of the largest in Canada, particularly in aerial segment. Enjoyed 8.4-percent rental volume boost in '10. 26 BLANCHARD RENTAL SERVICES (28)West Columbia, S.C.
Joe Blanchard $52.2* n/a 7 Rental volume increased about 7 percent in '10 and company expects to increase about the same in '11. Now an authorized dealer for Hydrema dump trucks in South Carolina. 27 SCOTT CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT (27)
Monroe, La.
Scott Cummins $52.0* n/a 36 Operating in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, in construction, agricultural, industrial and forestry markets. 28 WAGNER RENTS (30)
Bruce Wagner $50.4* n/a 21 Out of the trough with slightly improved revenue. 2011 is starting off well. Opened rental branch in Durango, Colo., expanding Wagner's footprint in territory of Colorado, New Mexico and West Texas. Now making rental, new and used equipment information available on mobile phone app. 29 STEPHENSON'S RENTAL SERVICES (32)
Mississauga, Ontario
Guy Manuel $45.1 $59.3 20 Good year for long-time Toronto-area rental chain. 30 DAYTON SUPERIOR CORP. (29)
Dayton, Ohio
Eric Zimmerman $45.0* $400.0* 17 Has rental branches around the country renting concrete forming and shoring products, concrete accessories and paving products. Major provider of construction supplies, acquired Block Highway and Heavy Products, Unitex Chemicals and Universal Building Products in past year. 31 MUSTANG RENTAL SERVICES (31)
Brad Tucker $42.2 n/a 7 Moved headquarters from Channelview to Houston. Prospects for 2011 look promising especially in petrochemical and energy segments. 32 FABICK RENTS (25)
Fenton, Mo.
Doug Fabick $41.6 n/a 13 Numbers include Houston-based Energy Rental Solutions, a Caterpillar-approved joint venture between Fabick and Ring Power formed in 2008. ERS became wholly owned by Fabick Cat in 2010. 33 EMPIRE RENTAL (33)
Apache Junction, Ariz.
Jeffrey Whiteman $39.5* n/a 10 Moved the Cat Rental headquarters to recently opened Apache Junction branch. Using Facebook, Twitter and live chats to enhance communication with customers. Began generating solar power at Apache Junction and Mesa locations, with combined capacity of 600 kW. Empire Training Institute was certified as Caterpillar Applied Failure Analysis facility, one of only three in North America and five worldwide. 34 PETERSON TRACTOR (69)
San Leandro, Calif.
Dan Michie $39.0* n/a 17 Estimated numbers include those of the full year of Halton Rental, formerly Cat dealer for northern Oregon and southern Washington, acquired by Peterson last June. Peterson, which had covered northern California from the Bay Area north to southern Oregon, now has one of the most extensive territories among Caterpillar dealers, covering more than 100,000 square miles with more than 30 total facilities. Off to a stronger start in 2011, hoping for a turning-point year. 35 OHIO CAT (35)
Broadview Heights, Ohio
Kenneth Taylor $38.0* $500.0* 12 One of oldest most accomplished Caterpillar dealers. Conditions beginning to improve in upper Midwest region. 36 NORTH CENTRAL RENTAL & LEASING,
a subsidiary of Butler Machinery Co. (46)

Fargo, N.D.
Dan Butler $36.4 n/a 12 A 24.7-percent rental volume hike for North Dakota Caterpillar rental program. Covers North and South Dakota and western Minnesota. 37 LOUISIANA RENTS (39)
Reserve, La.
Jay Dinger $35.6 n/a 9 Reloading rental fleet in 2011 after sell-off of under-utilized equipment during 2009 downturn in economy. Qualifying alliances with other small rental outlets in areas where company does not have a rental presence. 38 PUCKETT RENTS (42)
Richland, Miss.
Hastings Puckett $34.8* n/a 5 Cat dealer for central and southern Mississippi. 2010 improved compared with 2009 in revenues and profits. Had much higher utilization after reducing fleet. Opened fifth stand-alone Puckett Rents location in Meridian in January. Off to solid start in 2011. Heavy equipment rentals at Puckett Machinery improved in 2010 as well, company is growing both heavy and mid-sized rental fleets this year. 39 KIRBY-SMITH MACHINERY (57)
Oklahoma City
Ed Kirby $33.1 n/a 9 A 32.4-percent rental volume jump, one of the tops on this year's 100. About to open new facility in Odessa, Texas, now one of largest rental companies in Oklahoma and north Texas with 1,300 pieces and growing. Long-time dealer now as much focused on rental as on sales, primarily heavy earthmoving and cranes. Has one of the better websites in the industry. 40 IMPERIAL CRANE SERVICES (41)
Bridgeview, Ill.
B.J. Bohne $32.0* $41.0* 5 Experience Modification Rate reached record low of .75, a very strong safety rating, highly valued when bidding on jobs, particularly in industrial markets with customers such as BP Amoco and CITGO refineries. Approaching three years without a lost-time accident. Worked on the replacement of Chicago Harbor lock gates. 41 WAJAX CORP. (37)
Mississauga, Ontario
Neil Manning $31.7 $572.5 31 Rental volume dropped but total volume jumped 20 percent for leading one of Canada's leading distributors. Second half particularly strong with outlook for 2011 good, particularly in mining and energy sectors. Represents JCB, Hitachi, Hyster, Yale, others. 42 MacALLISTER MACHINERY (43)
Chris MacAllister $31.5* n/a 20 Acquired Michigan Cat in February of this year, tripling the size of its territory. Both companies will continue under Chris MacAllister's leadership. Location total includes Michigan facilities. 43 STAR RENTALS (36)
Bob Kendall $31.1 $47.2 18 20-percent rental volume drop largely attributable to weak first quarter, as business improved steadily through the summer. Expects 2011 to still be challenging with modest improvement in the second half. Continued to invest steadily in fleet, keeping average fleet age lower than industry average, planning 25-percent increase in capex in fiscal 2011. Still facing challenging rental rate environment in Pacific Northwest. Launched remodeled website, allowing customers access to data through PIN codes. Planning extensive marketing initiatives in 2011. 44 MILTON CATERPILLAR (44)
Milford, Mass.
Steve Macridis $30.8* n/a 13 Caterpillar dealer with branches in Massachusetts, upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island. Works in alliance with independent rental centers to rent Caterpillar products. 45 SIMS CRANE & EQUIPMENT CO. (38)
Tampa, Fla.
Dean Sims $30.4 $34.8 11 Active in sharing news with customers through Facebook, Twitter, online newsletter and blogs. Florida market showing some signs of life. 46 ACME LIFT CO. (64)
Mesa, Ariz.
Woody Weld $30.0 $34.5 1 A 33.3-percent rental volume leap as aerial market began recovery. Added Genie Z-80/60 self-propelled articulated aerial work platforms to its re-rental fleet of large aerial equipment. A $77.2 million recapitalization will enable Acme to enlarge its fleet and accelerate growth. Brought in 30-year rental veteran Steve Nadelman, former United Rentals senior vice president of the western region, as president and chief operating officer, adding to management team as company grows. 47 ADMAR SUPPLY CO. (50)
Rochester, N.Y.
Joel DiMarco $29.9 $48.3 6 8.7-percent rental volume increase for leading upstate New York veteran rental company. Acquired a Taylor Rental location in Canandaigua, N.Y., becoming the company's sixth facility. Hopes to continue expansion as business improves in 2011. Topcon Positioning Solutions named Admar one of its top five dealers. 48 ART'S RENTAL EQUIPMENT (47)
Newport, Ky.
Ken Arlinghaus $29.8 $34.6 13 A 5.3-percent rental volume increase for leading Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati-area, and southeast Indiana rental company. Wide-ranging general rental inventory going all the way up to 135-foot boomlifts. 49 STOWERS MACHINERY (60)
Knoxville, Tenn.
Wes Stowers $29.6 n/a 5 A 21.3-percent rental volume jump for East Tennessee Caterpillar rental program. Expects slight improvements in 2011, anticipates growing rental fleet by about 15 percent. Rental rates remained flat in 2010, hopes for 5- to 10-percent increase in 2011. 49 SMS RENTS (52)
Mississauga, Ontario
Marcel Langlois $29.6 $38.1 15 12.5-percent rental volume increase for one of Eastern Canada's top rental companies, a major player in Ontario and Quebec with plans for additional growth. Expansion of the company's store network early in recent recession helped company realize solid growth through 2010. Opened new facility in Guelph, Ontario, in June, enabling company to add inventory and expand its reach west of Toronto. 51 COAST CRANE CO. (34)Seattle
Terry Howard $29.0* n/a 14 Filed for bankruptcy protection in September, and was acquired out of bankruptcy by Essex Crane Rental Corp. Transaction finalized in late November, helping Essex' fourth-quarter numbers. Through it all holding its own in West Coast crane rental space. Will continue as new equipment dealer for Manitowoc, including self-erecting Potain tower cranes. Will distribute Tadano rough terrain and all-terrain cranes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Canada's Yukon territory. Coast veteran Howard replaces Goodale who retires after more than 40 years in the crane industry. 52 SMS EQUIPMENT (54)
Acheson, Alberta
Bruce Knight $27.5 n/a 40+ Largest Komatsu dealer in North America with strong rental program in western Canada, had good year as the Alberta oil sands region began a recovery. Recently opened branch in Chetwynd, B.C., to support mining industry development. Signed deal as Duratray International dealer in Canada, will leverage manufacturing and fabrication experience towards building Duratray truck bodies and related parts. Supplies construction, forestry, mining and utility industries. 53 TRICO LIFT (45)
Millville, N.J.
Ken Pustizzi $26.6 $30.1 13 Trico Lift purchased Pennsylvania's Modern Group's lift assets in January adding nearly 700 units to a fleet of more than 3,000 and four new branch locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, along with 30 new employees. Trico will assist Modern with the marketing of Modern's industrial forklift, power systems and material handling products. Opened expanded Manassas, Va., branch last year, replacing nearby Gainesville facility. The company remained active in the industry's training efforts resulting in a second safety guideline publication regarding personal fall protection and a professional driver education program. 54 MODERN GROUP (51)
Bristol, Pa.
Dave Griffith $26.5 n/a 10 Sold construction aerial rental assets to Trico Lift, while retaining significant forklift rental fleet and increasing capex for that segment. Expects Trico alliance will help each company focus on what they do best. Added new ERP system and website. Expanded fleet services offering, already paying dividends with new customers. Has one of the largest and widest-ranging forklift fleets in the industry. 55 LIFTING GEAR HIRE CORP. (53)
Bridgeview, Ill.
Tony Fiscelli $26.1 $32.0 13 Added distribution centers in Lakeland, Fla., and Bloomington, Minn. Increased sales presence on the East Coast by adding sales rep to develop Baltimore and Washington, D.C., markets. Offers lifting and rigging equipment for rental and sale. 56 B&G EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY (48)
Birmingham, Ala.
Marty Hardin $25.9 $36.3 5 Slight decline as expected in 2010. General rental company has pump and power department, official Thompson Pump dealer for Alabama. Has crane rental fleet as well, including tower, crawler and hydraulic cranes and construction elevators. Has branches in Atlanta, Orlando, Nashville, and Montgomery, Ala. 57 HAWTHORNE RENT-IT SERVICE (59)
San Marcos, Calif.
Mike Carcioppolo $25.8 n/a 6 California showing signs of improvement with 5.3-percent rental volume gain. Introduced Caterpillar's new Tier-4 technology in Hawaii's sensitive environment, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing PM and NOx by 90 and 50 percent. 57 WESTERNONE RENTALS & SALES (73)
Vancouver, B.C.
Darren Latoski $25.8 $51.8 12 33.7-percent rental volume increase for fast-growing western Canadian consolidator. Re-branded its Volvo Rents (Deerfoot Rentals) facilities in Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta, and OnSite Equipment with four Alberta branches to the WesternOne name, improving company unity and growing the brand. Strong construction in Alberta and robust film industry in British Columbia are creating good opportunities, along with infrastructure projects. 59 YANCEY BROTHERS (61)
Austell, Ga.
Trey Googe $25.7* n/a 9 Nearly 100-year-old Caterpillar dealer off to strong start in 2011. Recently supplied 17 diesel generators with interim Tier-4 technology to upgrade rubber-tired gantry cranes at port of Savannah. The new Caterpillar gensets will reduce emissions of NOx by more than 60 percent and particulate matter by more than 80 percent. 60 THOMPSON PUMP (56)
Port Orange, Fla.
Bill Thompson $25.3 $45.0* 20 Expects a healthy level of rental activity in 2011, sales to be fairly flat until 2012. Devoted major efforts to modify products to meet Tier-4 engine configurations. Expects increased repair activity and parts sales as customers fix up old equipment rather than buy new. Showcased new priming system with oil-less vacuum technology with new Deere IT4 engine at ConExpo. Mobilized its emergency response team to provide pumps, supplies, manpower and tactical knowledge to areas devastated by Gulf of Mexico oil spill. 61 GREGORY POOLE EQUIPMENT CO. (65)
Raleigh, N.C.
Gregory Poole III $25.0 $303.7 11 12.6-percent rental volume increase for Cat dealer covering eastern portions of South and North Carolina and Virginia. Celebrated 60 years in business April 1 with simultaneous lunches in all its branches. Held information sessions for customers on incoming Interim Tier-4 engine regulations at a number of its branches. Second half improved over the first, expects modest increase in 2011, helped by military spending. 61 ESSEX CRANE RENTAL (40)
Buffalo Grove, Ill.
Ron Schad $25.0 $41.5 6 November acquisition of Coast Crane will extend Essex's reach into Western U.S., western Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the South Pacific. Will focus on expanding products Coast currently distributes such as Manitowoc's Potain line, Terex and Tadano cranes. Has approved investment of more than $20 million in new equipment for Coast Crane's rental fleet. 63 WORLDWIDE RENTAL SERVICES (63)
Aurora, Colo.
Mike Rooney $24.2* n/a 7 Largest independently owned heavy equipment rental company in Rocky Mountain region, with more than 300 units. Built full-service facility near Denver International Airport. 64 KELLY TRACTOR (55)
John Socol $24.0* n/a 9 One of the recipients of Cat Lift Trucks “quest for excellence” dealer of the year awards, based on sales performance, customer relationships and operational knowledge of Cat lift trucks, exceeding expectations in new machines and parts sales. 65 SKYWORKS (70)
Buffalo, N.Y.
Jerry Reinhart $23.5 $30.0 8 A 14.6-percent rental volume increase for fast-growing aerial specialist. Preparing to open a new 24,000-square-foot branch in north New Jersey with access to Allentown, Newark and other markets. 2010 started off slow, fourth quarter saved company from a loss as private construction work stayed low and rates were at the bottom. 2011 looking better. 66 COWIN EQUIPMENT CO. (62)
Birmingham, Ala.
James Cowin $23.1 $100.0* 7 The company is profitable, and has focused effectively on cost controls. After fleet reductions, will add to the fleet and possibly locations in 2011. Has put greater focus on industrial rentals with rough-terrain cranes, superweight forklifts, and air compressors designed for industrial usage. 67 STRONGCO EQUIPMENT (82)
Mississauga, Ontario
Robert Dryburgh $22.9 $94.6 5 A 60-percent rental volume leap in 2010. In recession and after, Strongco committed higher level of inventory for rental-purchase options. As economy recovered, rental was particularly strong in Alberta as oil-sands activity increased, as well as Quebec. Rental activity higher across all product categories and regions of the country, particularly with larger equipment such as cranes in Alberta and Quebec. In eastern Canada, rentals were $8.3 million in 2010, up 78 percent from '09. Ontario rental revenue essentially flat, while Alberta more than doubled to $7.9 million. 68 HUGG & HALL EQUIPMENT (74)
Little Rock, Ark.
John Hugg/Robert Hall $21.8 $78.0 8 Volvo, Toyota, Crown, Bobcat, Doosan, Skytrak, Genie, JLG are the primary lines of equipment for Arkansas dealer and rental company, enjoying a 14.7-percent rental volume boost in 2010. Leading equipment and forklift rental company in Arkansas with the largest fleet of both gas and electric forklifts for rent ranging in size from 2,000- to 35,000-pound capacities. Also strong in aerials and all kinds of construction equipment. 69 SPIDER, DIV. OF SAFEWORKS (71)Tukwila, Wash.
John Sotiroff $21.2 $42.0* 25 Growing in industrial markets such as the Ohio River Valley, and Louisiana and Mississippi petrochemical areas. Opening new operations center in Panama City, company's first in Latin America. 70 CLAIREMONT EQUIPMENT (67)
San Diego
Jerry Zagami $20.6 n/a 6 Slight decline as southern California market tries to turn the corner. Expecting improvement in '11. 71 AERIAL ACCESS EQUIPMENT (66)
Baton Rouge, La.
Gene Torrence $19.3 $23.3 4 Aerial and forklift specialist with one of the most experienced and well-equipped service staffs in the industry. Owner Torrence is a native southern Louisianan with relationships in the industry going back more than 30 years. Plans to increase capex in 2011 with some big jobs on the horizon, in petrochemical plants, hospitals, refineries and some road and bridge jobs. 72 MIDWEST AERIALS & EQUIPMENT (67)
St. Louis
Daniel Tumminello $19.0 $23.0 4 First quarter of 2011 is 30-percent better than the first quarter of 2010, as business began picking up in the latter part of '10. Confidence is up among customers. The recently opened Bloomington, Mo., market is making a difference. Tumminello expects revenues to double in that market after opening during a difficult time. Seeing increase in repair business, Midwest Aerials Parts & Service. Consumer and customer confidence is up and private investment in the area is bringing projects out of the ground. 73 HOLT OF CALIFORNIA (83)Pleasant Grove, Calif.
John Johnson $18.8* n/a 13 Much better second half helped Central Valley Caterpillar dealer to improved results despite slow first half. 74 TEMP-AIR (72)
Burnsville, Minn.
Jim Korn $18.2 $31.7 11 When Metrodome roof collapsed and Minnesota Vikings moved to TCF Bank Stadium, with five days notice Temp-Air assembled and installed 65 pieces of temporary heating equipment to thaw the frozen field and help heat the facility and its concession stands. 75 DEAN RENTAL SERVICES (80)
Kansas City, Mo.
Lori Dean $17.9 n/a 7 Handles heavy and light construction equipment as well as wide-ranging rental power services. Awarded, along with Fabick Cat, the Missouri Association of Career and Technical Education 2010 certification for support of career and technical education. Helped found the heavy equipment technology program, the medium/heavy truck technology program and Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician program, teaching students to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair machines and engines, providing internships and hiring graduates. 76 SOUTHEASTERN EQUIPMENT (78)
Cambridge, Ohio
William Baker $17.7 $86.1 19 12.8-percent rental volume boost for company with more than 50 years as a Case dealer, serving Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Started component division at Cambridge location. 77 ANDERSON EQUIPMENT CO. (85)
Bridgeville, Pa.
Judy Anderson $17.0 $140.0 18 Spent $5 million to renovate a new 65,000-square-foot facility in Buffalo, N.Y., replacing smaller branch. Rental volume increased 21.4 percent in 2010. Specializes in earthmoving, a large Komatsu dealer. 78 DELTA RIGGING & TOOLS (79)
Pearland, Texas
Kevin Rodgers $16.8* $115.0* 14 One of the largest providers of lifting and rigging products and related services in the United States. Moved headquarters to Pearland, Texas, to be closer to large operations and customers in the Houston area. Opened Victoria, Texas, branch last month. 79 ECCO EQUIPMENT CORP. (75)
Santa Ana, Calif.
David Schmid $15.9 $21.7 14 While rental volume continued to drop in southern California's tough economic environment, heavy equipment rental specialist had a better second half with improved profitability and reduced debt. Expanded business into Alberta, Canada, oil sands region with branches in Edmonton and Fort McMurray. 2011 looks promising for Ecco with a number of big jobs on tap. 80 SNOOK EQUIPMENT RENTAL (84)
Morris, Ill.
Robert Snook $15.7 $20.4 3 An 11.3-percent rental volume increase for Midwest earthmoving, aerial and crane rental company. 81 PATTEN INDUSTRIES (86)
Elmhurst, Ill.
Crain Patten $15.6* n/a 6 Rental volume improved compared with 2009, with the help of additional field reps. Implemented new rental operating software in 2010. 82 DIAMOND RENTAL (75)
Salt Lake City
Mark Clawson $15.5 $17.0 16 While rental revenue slipped 13.8 percent in '10, Diamond has seen market stabilize and begin to strengthen, leading to confidence with a number of new initiatives that management believes will yield benefits this year. Trying to avoid competing head to head against major players and focusing on the light contractor, commercial and DIY markets that have always been a strong niche for Diamond. 83 BERRY COMPANIES (87)
Wichita, Kan.
Walter Berry $14.8 $151.6 30 About a 10-percent rental volume hike for Berry after adding three Texas Bobcat dealership locations in 2010. Took over Bobcat operations of Colorado Machinery in Jan. 2011, giving the company four new dealership locations in Colorado, adding to five it already had. Broadens the company's distribution network by absorbing the important markets along the Front Range of Colorado and Wyoming. 84 PUERTO RICO WIRE (81)
San Juan, P.R.
Jose Cestero $14.4* n/a 4 Largest rental company in Puerto Rico, with wide-ranging construction inventory. Also has concrete forming and supplies division. Has facilities in Ponce, Mayaguez, Hato Rey and Bayamon. Has more than a million parts in stock, one of the largest parts inventories on the island. 85 EMECO NORTH AMERICA (58)
Edmonton, Alberta
Ian Testrow $14.0* $18.0* 3 Focusing its North American operations on Alberta oil sands development. A heavy equipment specialist. 86 RENTAL ONE (92)
Fort Worth, Texas
Mike O'Neal $13.0* $15.0* 6 North Texas rental veterans had a better year in 2010. Mike O'Neal became president and CEO. Founder Don O'Neal will continue to be involved in the company as an officer and investor. 87 PIONEER EQUIPMENT RENTAL (93)
Ponca City, Okla.
Larry Redwine, John Redwine $12.5 $20.8 11 Almost a 10-percent rental volume jump for leading Oklahoma rental company that has continued to grow despite the downturn. Opened 10th location in March 2010 in Tulsa and 11th branch in Bethany, Okla., in first quarter of 2011. Became dealer for state of Oklahoma for Doosan in 2010. 88 ENTECH SALES & SERVICE (--)
Pat Rucker $11.7 $64.6 4 Returns to RER 100 after a year's absence, with solid performance in rental. Opened office in Houston. Rental chiller and air-conditioning rental specialist, also strong in power generation rental for large office buildings while repairs are made to existing service, tents for special events and emergency power in case of natural or manmade disaster. 88 ROLLS SCAFFOLD & HIGH REACH (88)
Ventura, Calif.
Michael Rolls $11.7 $12.0* 5 12.7-percent rental volume decrease reflective of still-struggling southern California market, which improved in second half of 2010 and appears stronger in 2011. Scaffolding and aerial work platform rental specialist with booms going up to 130 feet. 90 4-WAY EQUIPMENT RENTALS (--)
Edmonton, Alberta
Wayne Wadley $11.2 $15.4 1 Single-location rental company publicly traded in Canada, first time on RER 100. Has wide-ranging construction inventory especially heaters, ground-thawing equipment, material handling, generators, compaction, air equipment. 91 ROLAND MACHINERY (91)
Springfield, Ill.
Ray Roland, Matt Roland $11.0 $159.0 15 Named new managers in Chicago and Wisconsin. Sales volume and profit much improved compared with 2009, and 2011 should be better. After reducing inventory, planning to increase capex by 10 percent in 2011. Hoping to raise rental rates this year. The Wirtgen line of road milling and paving equipment helped company survive the past two years. 91 BIRCH EQUIPMENT RENTALS & SALES (94)
Sarah Rothenbuhler
Bellingham, Wash. $11.0 n/a 5 Birch averages 5,000 hours of industry equipment safety and computer technology training per year and is committed to supporting the local community, donating $100,000 annually in goods, services and sponsorships. 93 ABLE EQUIPMENT RENTAL (96)
Copiague, N.Y.
Steven Laganas $10.6 $14.0* 2 The company recently expanded its training and equipment offerings. Slight rental volume increase in 2010. 94 ILLINI HI-REACH (95)Lemont, Ill.
Larry Workman $10.5 $12.8 2 Expects a much better year in new and used retail sales, service, parts and rental if rates can improve as hoped. Has been a factory-authorized JLG distributor since 1997, with booms going up to 141 feet. 95 COLORADO MACHINERY (100)
Colorado Springs, Colo.
Keith Olson $10.2 n/a 4 Back on the upswing with a 15.9-percent rental volume increase. Now dealer for Finn, representing its hydro-seeders, straw blowers and bark blowers for sales, parts, service and rental. Also took on Peterson — which provides equipment for wood-waste recycling, soil erosion and landscaping in the construction market — as well as Leica throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. Sold Bobcat dealerships to Berry Companies. 96 ILLINOIS TRUCK & EQUIPMENT (98)Morris, Ill.
Rolf Helland $9.8 $31.5 1 Diverse product offering allows company to penetrate several different markets. Specialized attachments and equipment boosts utilization rates. Recently acquired Kawasaki wheel loader and Exodus material handler lines. Expanded rental office and added personnel to support increase in rental volume and provide greater level of customer service. Increased number of field sales reps to provide greater territory coverage. 2011 starting off good, with strong demand for excavators. 97 THEROS EQUIPMENT (97)
Gainesville, Va.
Joel Theros $9.6 $12.1 4 Basically flat year over year, but has been more profitable with better cash flow because of streamlining operations and paydown of debt. Second half improved over first half. Expects fairly flat 2011 with possible small growth with low rates a major factor. Invested some capital into equipment for road, bridge, and utility projects in north Virginia area. Investing in new software system in early 2011. Focusing more on small contractors and homeowners with less competition than on big projects. Hoping for some improvement in housing and commercial markets. 98 ALLY EQUIPMENT (--)
Carlo Cavecchi $9.1 $11.6 7 First time listee. Involved in dehumidication, heat, A/C, temporary power, restoration from water damage, temporary housing equipment areas. 99 PDQ RENTALS (104)
Santa Fe Springs, Calif.
Dennis Turner $8.8 $12.1 2 Back on the RER 100 after falling short the past two years. 12.8-percent rental volume hike showing some improvement in southern California. However, despite volume increases, collections have become a major issue with growing numbers of local contractors closing up shop. 100 METROLIFT (99)
Sugar Grove, Ill.
Rick Dahl $8.1 $13.6 1 Rental numbers off about 10 percent but sales volume increased, with the second half much better than the first. Expecting a similar pattern in 2011, with the second half closer to normalcy. Plans to double capex in 2011 compared with 2010. Saw a bit of price improvement in '10. Focusing on on-time delivery, service response time and more accurate billing in 2011.

*Denotes RER estimate based on regional economic conditions, industry sources and interviews by members of the RER staff. Other revenue figures are based on actual reported revenue for North American operations for 2010. Location data are as of April 25, 2011, to the best of the knowledge of the RER staff. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy and thoroughness, omissions sometimes occur. Canadian revenue is reported in U.S. dollars based on an exchange rate of $1 Canadian = $1.03 U.S., which is the average conversion rate for 2010 according to the Bank of Canada.

The Total 100
The World is Flat

Year Rental Revenue (millions) % Change 2010 $10,260.5 -0.5 2009 $10,311.8 -25.3 2008 $13,802.5 -0.36 2007 $13,853.6 +4.3 2006 $13,282.5 +14.5 2005 $11,599.4 +15.1 2004 $10,075.6 +12.3 2003 $8,973.8 +1.3 2002 $8,861.5 -6.4 2001 $9,467.1 +7.1 2000 $8,757.0 +25

While the total RER 100's rental revenue dropped for the third year in a row, it nearly pulled even.

The RER 100's top 10
Getting Better

Year Rental Revenue (in millions) % Change 2010 $6,516.1 -0.8 2009 $6,568.4 -26.3 2008 $8,906.8 -3.3 2007 $9,208.2 +2.8 2006 $8,961.0 +13.4 2005 $7,903.7 +12.9 2004 $7,001.9 +8.9 2003 $6,430.2 -0.5 2002 $6,459.7 -7.0 2001 $6,946.7 +7.1 2000 $6,486.9 +32

After 2009's steep plunge, the bleeding was stopped in 2010.

Where Are They Based?

Where are the RER 100 companies based? The RER 100 companies are headquartered in 32 U.S. states, four Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico. The breakdown is as follows:

UNITED STATES (INCLUDING PUERTO RICO)Illinois 10 Texas 8 California 7 Florida 5 Arizona 4 Colorado 4 Louisiana 4 Ohio 4 Pennsylvania 4 Washington 4 Georgia 3 Missouri 3 New York 3 South Carolina 3 Alabama 2 New Jersey 2 North Carolina 2 Oklahoma 2 Arkansas 1 Connecticut 1 Indiana 1 Kansas 1 Kentucky 1 Massachusetts 1 Minnesota 1 Mississippi 1 Nevada 1 North Dakota 1 Puerto Rico 1 Tennessee 1 Utah 1 Virginia 1 Wisconsin 1 CANADA Ontario 5 Alberta 4 British Columbia 1 Quebec 1


These four companies didn't quite make the cut but deserve honorable mention as “giants of the industry” nonetheless.

Rank Company Name (Last year's rank) Headquarters Top Officer Website 2010 Rental Volume in Millions 2010 Total Volume in Millions Total Number of Outlets 101 LALONDE EQUIPMENT RENTALS (--)
Signal Hill, Calif.
Janelle Reusch $7.7 n/a 1 A heavy earthmoving equipment rental specialist now operated by the third generation of the Lalonde family in more than 40 years in operation. Provides highly trained operators to go along with excavators, backhoes, track loaders, dozers, wheel loaders and more. 102 ALL STAR RENTS (103)
Fairfield, Calif.
John Wooten $6.5 $8.0 11 The downward trend appears to have stopped for Northern California rental veterans who are shifting more towards the homeowner and small contractor markets, expecting a bit of an improvement in 2011. 103 HERC-U-LIFT (--)
Maple Plains, Minn.
Tom Showalter $6.4 n/a 8 Primarily a material handling and aerial equipment company. Opened branches in Alexandria, Minn., and Mandan, N.D. 104 A TOOL SHED (--)
Campbell, Calif.
Robert Pederson $6.1 n/a 7 A 65-year-old general rental company, hoping this is the year for a market comeback.

*Denotes RER estimate based on regional economic conditions, industry sources and interviews by members of the RER staff. Other revenue figures are based on actual reported revenue for North American operations for 2010. Location data are as of April 25, 2011, to the best of the knowledge of the RER staff. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy and thoroughness, omissions sometimes occur. Canadian revenue is reported in U.S. dollars based on an exchange rate of $1 Canadian = $1.03 U.S., which is the average conversion rate for 2010 according to the Bank of Canada.

Bang for the Buck

Top single-location companies (rank in parenthesis) rental volume (millions) Acme Lift (46) $30.0 4-Way Equipment Rentals (90) $11.2 Illinois Truck & Equipment (96) $9.8 Metrolift (100) $8.1 Top 2-location companies Able Equipment (96) $10.6 Illini Hi-Reach (94) $10.5 PDQ Rentals (99) $8.8

Most rental volume per location (other than single- or 2-location companies)

Company (rank in parenthesis) Volume per branch (millions) Number of branches AmQuip (18) $9.03 14 AMECO (11) $7.58 26 Ring Power (19) $7.56 (est.) 14 Blanchard Rental Services (26) $7.46 7 Finning (9) $7.13 31 Puckett Rents (38) $6.96 (est.) 5 Maxim Crane (8) $6.81 (est.) 36 Mustang Rental Services (32) $6.03 7