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Joining SmartEquip will facilitate Tsurumi39s customers in partsordering and a wide range of improved efficiencies Photo by Tsurumi
Joining SmartEquip will facilitate Tsurumi's customers in parts-ordering and a wide range of improved efficiencies.

Tsurumi Pump Joins SmartEquip Network

Tsurumi Pump announced its partnership with SmartEquip. Tsurumi Pump is a global manufacturer of submersible and engine driven pumps as well as portable generators.

Partnering with SmartEquip allows Tsurumi Pump’s dealers to utilize the network to improve efficiencies and interface with manufactures, while improving customer support at lower costs.

“We are excited to begin our partnership with SmartEquip,” said Glenn Wieczorek, managing director of Tsurumi Pump in North America. “We’re looking forward to the long-term advantages that will benefit both our customers and our company processes.”

“SmartEquip is excited to welcome Tsurumi Pump to our network,” said Mike Birch, vice president, business development. “SmartEquip fleet owners will clearly benefit with the addition of this important brand to the list of SmartEquip suppliers who are providing efficient and accurate product support capabilities to their rental fleet customers through our technology.”

The network helps to decrease Tsurumi Pump’s customers’ cost of owning and operating its equipment, while improving the quality of dealer and end user support, at reduced costs. The partnership aids both Tsurumi Pump’s customers and end users to ensure they are receiving the best possible service.

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