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Cresco Equipment Rentals Joins

Cresco Equipment Rentals, Livermore, Calif., last week announced it has joined, a website designed to be a one-stop shop for finding, locating and reserving any kind of rental online, from hand tools to backhoes.

“We’re very excited at Cresco to join Zilok and help homeowners find the rental equipment they need, when and where they need it,” said Chris Smith, president of Cresco. “We hope that the Bay Area will fully embrace Zilok and further discover the benefits of renting. The integration of our inventory was straightforward as Zilok took care of all the technicalities. I think Zilok is a very powerful online marketing tool and we are happy to be participating.”

Zilok started up in the U.S. six months ago, and it offers free business accounts, free listings and free support to deal with the technical aspects of the online rental inventory.

The site is designed so that rental customers type in what they are looking for and where they are located, and a list of available rentals will pop up on a map around that location. The conditions of rental are set by the owner, who renters can contact directly online to make a reservation.

Zilok offers a system that is designed to inspire the confidence necessary for creating a rental agreement: a 360-degree evaluation (object, renter, owner of object), a standardized rental contract created for each rental, and an optimal privacy protection system.

The website and blog can be found at

Founded in 1984 by Chet Cushing in Martinez, Calif., Cresco Equipment Rentals was acquired in 1997 by NorCal Rental Group, LLC. Maintaining the Cresco name, the company then opened facilities across the Bay Area and its corporate office in Livermore, Calif. Cresco has 18 locations around the Bay Area and a wide inventory that fits both contractor and homeowner needs.

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