Alert Management Systems Announces iAlert EasyPro on the Cloud

Alert Management Systems, a provider of Windows-based rental management software, recently introduced the Cloud version of its Alert EasyPro rental software in partnership with iRent LLC.

“Alert clients who choose the new iAlert EasyPro option can directly benefit from the cost-cutting and streamlining capabilities of the Cloud,” said Rob Ross, president of Alert Management Systems. “iAlert EasyPro is designed to significantly reduce IT expenses for rental stores, while making it possible to seamlessly expand to virtually any number of users and mobile devices for a reasonable monthly fee.”

“There is strong interest in our Cloud services and systems across many markets,” said Rick Cluthe, chief operating officer of iRent. “Alert is in the forefront in recognizing the considerable benefits of a totally Cloud-based solution for equipment rental businesses.”

Since there is no locally installed software, iAlert EasyPro eliminates the need for in-store servers, backups, or upgrades to end-user PC’s. It also works on mobile devices with wireless access to the Internet, such as Apple iPads, Android-powered tablet PC’s, or low-cost netbooks.

Data security is assured through co-location at redundant data centers, multiple daily backups and the latest encryption technology used by banks and global corporations.

Alert Management Systems is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Founded by two software and service industry executives with more than 50 years’ experience between them, iRent offers an opportunity for software vendors to adapt their existing products to the Cloud. In conjunction with its joint venture partner RealTech Solutions Ltd., its software tool-set has been developed in modern technologies (SQL/.Net). For more information, visit

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