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John Deere's On It

After traveling recently to Phoenix, Ariz., for a John Deere Construction & Forestry press event, I came away with a renewed sense of hope for the industry and the economy. We all are aware of the negatives here; we are reminded of them daily. People are losing their jobs, homes, savings; and companies are losing good workers as well as budgets.

In a time where expenses such as travel, marketing and advertising are being cut, John Deere sponsored a press event and demo so that members of the construction industry media can report on the latest products that can add an edge to your rental fleets. We'll be reporting on those new products shortly in RER magazine and on

The representatives from John Deere also presented a picture of their plan for the next 12 to 18 months (the amount of time they think it will take for the U.S. economy to recover). While the company is projecting a decrease in 2009, it is continuing to invest in product development and technologies, as well as increasing the company's presence in the compact equipment market.

As with many companies, John Deere has been through economic cycles before and has weathered the storms. They have a plan for this storm as well — to continue to listen to customers and to invest in products — and like the company's motto states, they're on it.

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