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Noble Lift Fe4 P50 Q 70 Q Lithium Iron Forklift

NobleLift North America FE4P50Q-70Q Lithium-Iron Forklifts for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Sept. 20, 2022
The FE4P50Q (5,000-pound capacity), FE4P60Q (6,000-pound capacity), FE4P70Q (7,000-pound capacity) four-wheel lithium-iron phosphate (LiFe4OP) forklifts are designed for indoor and outdoor applications.

The FE4P50Q (5,000-pound capacity), FE4P60Q (6,000-pound capacity), FE4P70Q (7,000-pound capacity) four-wheel lithium-iron phosphate (LiFe4OP) forklifts are designed for indoor and outdoor applications.

Deluxe suspension, fully adjustable seat reduces vibration to the driver to effectively reduce driver fatigue for all sizes of operators, according to the manufacturer.

An ergonomic U-shaped steering wheel with knob, together with hydraulic controls, provide comfortable operation. Ratchet parking brakes allows the units to safely park on slopes of 15 percent.

Intelligent buffering when descending to the ground, effectively protects the ground and cargo from damage.

The drive system’s horizontal fan-shaped axle and large transmission, coupled with the battery location and long wheelbase (67 inches), provide stability. The system is powered by a maintenance-free AC drive motor.

Steering axle with shock mitigation system is designed to protect the vehicle and prolong the service life of the forklift. It also provides the operator with smooth driving comfort. Large ergonomically designed LED display facilitates control and operation, while providing truck status information: parking brake, the driving direction and speed, the hour meter and the fault code.

Large diameter, solid pneumatic tires ensure comfortable driving for outdoor and indoor use. Lifting motor location allows the truck to work in applications where there is water on the ground. Controller assembly location provides facilitates maintenance and ventilation.

High efficiency and safe lithium power

NobleLift’s lithium-iron phosphate LiFe4OP batteries are equipped with a battery management system (BMS), thermal management system, and an automotive-grade DC high-voltage control system. BMS manages charging and discharging data to ensure safety throughout its life cycle.

FE4P50Q-60Q-70Q forklifts have a 10-year or 20,000-hours warranty on the lithium-iron battery.

The fast-charging maintenance-free lithium-iron phosphate (LiFe4OP) battery is fully charged in two to three hours. The battery can be opportunity charged during user breaks and during shift changes which allows the truck to run continuously through multi-shift operations. No battery changes are necessary.

Lithium-ion batteries have a three-times-longer lifespan than lead acid batteries, according to the manufacturer. Lithium-ion batteries are also more environmentally friendly than lead acid batteries. They don't contain toxic materials and can be recycled.

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