High-Reach Equipment October 2008

Oct. 1, 2008
The Jib-Extend telescoping jib on the Genie Z-135/70 self-propelled articulating boom extends the unit's reach from 12 feet to 20 feet

Genie Industries

The Jib-Extend telescoping jib on the Genie Z-135/70 self-propelled articulating boom extends the unit's reach from 12 feet to 20 feet and provides a 110-degree vertical range of motion to reach up, over and in applications inaccessible by traditional booms. It also includes the Genie Fast Mast system that allows operators to lower the platform to ground level without having to lower the secondary boom. The Z-135/70 is designed with the XChassis expanding axle system for enhanced stability and flexibility for easy transport. The unit has a working height of 141 feet, a horizontal reach of 69 feet, 9 inches, an up-and-over clearance of 75 feet, 6 inches, and a lift capacity of 600 pounds.
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Beta Max

Beta Max introduces the Max Climber 3300 transport platform hoist system, which is a series designed to transport materials conforming to maximum weight constrictions with a vertically driven elevator. The unit is suited for the lifting needs of construction environments found with masonry, restoration, glazing and drywall installations. With a payload capacity of 3,300 pounds, the Max Climber 3300 is a versatile lifting solution, and can transport a wide array of materials including cement blocks, drywall, glass, carpeting and aesthetic materials. A 13.5- by 5-foot material platform with side- and front-loading extendable basket and roof enclosure keeps materials secure during transport.
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UpRight introduces the TL34 trailer-mounted articulating boomlift that provides a working height of up to 34 feet and more than 16 feet of up-and-over outreach. The fold-down manual outriggers have a footprint of 9 feet, 6 inches, by 11 feet, 2 inches, and the entire machine weighs 2,624 pounds. The fully proportional hydraulic controls, powered by a 12-volt battery pack, are responsive and intuitive, while also ensuring the TL34 is simple to maintain. Hydraulic outriggers are available as an option.
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Potain's Igo T 85 self-erecting crane from Manitowoc offers working heights between 66 feet and 115 feet with variations either through telescoping or adding auxiliary sections. The maximum tip height of the crane is 157 feet. The unit has a maximum capacity of 13,227 pounds, which it can lift at a radius of 51 feet. The Igo T 85 can unfold its jib to various lengths to give users optimum choice in reach and capacity. The crane can lift 2,755 pounds at its maximum radius of 148 feet. With the jib unfolded to 131 feet, the crane can lift 3,638 pounds at jib end.
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The AB85RJ from Snorkel features a maximum horizontal reach of 62 feet, platform rotation of 150 degrees (80 degrees counter-clockwise and 70 degrees clockwise) and an overall width of 8 feet, 6 inches. The 39,100-pound unit also offers standard 4-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-steer (crab, coordinated and front-only), which allows for simple maneuvering around the jobsite. The upper boom articulates from 25 to 75 degrees, while the jib boom articulates 135 degrees and rotates at the end of the main boom by 140 degrees (70 degrees each way).
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The Bil-Jax 45XA X-Boom features 48-percent gradeability, 3.5-mph drive speed, four-wheel-drive capability and hydraulic outriggers. Set-up is complete in less than 30 seconds. This articulating boom offers 500-pound lift capacity with a 51-foot working height and 27 feet of maximum outreach. The unit weighs 4,715 pounds and does not require a commercial driver's license for trailering. Options available for this lift include non-marking tires, indoor tires, a hydraulic jib rotator and a material lift attachment. The material lift attachment allows the 45XA to be used as a light-duty crane. Standard features include water line and air line to the platform, as well as a 4,500-watt generator and 110-volt GFI-protected electrical outlets at the platform and base.
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JLG Industries

JLG Industries introduces the E Series electric-powered boomlifts. These machines offer a 500-pound platform capacity, horizontal outreach to 44 feet, 5 inches, and widths as narrow as 48 inches. Platform heights range from 45 to 60 feet. Eight models feature a generator set that provides energy to keep batteries charged for prolonged operation. The E Series is designed for indoor applications with its zero emission, low noise levels and standard non-marking tires. For outdoor use, the units' rugged design with all-wheel drive, automatic traction control and oscillating axle provide up to 45-percent gradeability in all-wheel drive models.
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LDC Industries

UniLift trailer-mounted boomlifts from LDC Industries feature working heights up to 42-feet, battery power, 360-degree coverage and quick conversion for use as a universal crane. The power jack setup option allows for quick and easy outrigger setup. With unit weighs less than 3,000 pounds, the UniLifts can tow behind a pick-up truck, and can be maneuvered in and out of tight work spaces. The units also come in telescopic and articulated models.
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The SJ 40T and SJ 45T (pictured) boomlifts feature an analog-based control system, relay-based electrical system and axle-based 4-wheel-drive system. With no wheel motors or torque hubs, there are no hydraulic hoses left unprotected from jobsite hazards, and the number of potential hydraulic leak sites is reduced. The SJ 40T and SJ 45T also feature Skyjack's direction-sensing controls, which ensure the boomlift will always drive and steer with respect to the operator rather than the orientation of the base.
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ReachMaster introduces the LightLift LL63 aerial lift, with features including a 63-foot working height, a maximum outreach of 21 feet (single capacity), and dual-power supply for indoor and outdoor use. The compact track-based unit comes equipped with a jib articulation joint. The LL63 can fit through a single door, is 6.6-feet tall, 2.6-feet wide and 14.7-feet long. The low maintenance and lightweight unit weighs 4,576 pounds. It features strong climbing abilities and can be easily transported on a small truck bed or a light trailer.
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Elliot Equipment

Elliot Equipment introduces its new 40-ton-capacity boom truck, the 40105, which also features 105 feet of powered main boom and a 115-foot tip height. Available in a 360-degree chart without a front stabilizer, the crane also has a 9-foot radius. Glide-swing operation offers smooth precise rotation and a tractor-mount configuration is also available. The FrictionFree jib extension is designed for easy jib deployment and stowage, while the Load Moment Indicator system is designed for safe boom operation.
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Haulotte Group

Haulotte Group launches the Telescopic Big Boom HB86TJ+. An outreach of 75 feet, 6 inches; simultaneous movements; an 8-foot platform; the capacity to rapidly lift heavy loads (up to 772 pounds); and a 19-foot, 8-inch telescopic jib with proportional controls allows the user to reach the most inaccessible worksites. Proportional movements and a self-leveling system are designed to give the operator maximum working comfort. The boom and the jib, with its octagonal cross section in high-elastic modulus steel, are rigid, providing greater stability. The big boom benefits from the new generational control panel. The HB86TJ+ has a narrow fixed-width frame, and an oscillating axle to allow for operation in a wide range of areas.
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