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Haulotte Compact 10 N (63) 22

Haulotte Upgrades Compact Electric Scissor Lifts

Sept. 21, 2022
The five new models have been redesigned to ensure a maximum utilization rate, increased safety and simplified maintenance.

Haulotte is upgrading its Compact range of electric scissor lifts. The five new models have been redesigned to ensure a maximum utilization rate, increased safety and simplified maintenance. They meet all the requirements for working at heights from 8 to 14 meters (20 to 39 feet) on all types of stabilized ground.

The new models offer multiple possibilities:

• Five working heights, from 8 to 14 meters (20 to 39 feet), with load capacities from 250 to 450 kilograms (from 550 to 1000 pounds)

• Two frame widths to best fit the working environment

• Indoor and outdoor use, except for the Compact 10N (Compact 2632 E in North America) and Compact 14 (Compact 3947 E in North America.

“The slab electric scissors market segment floors is extremely competitive,” said Baptiste Roland, product marketing manager, Haulotte. “The new models of the Compact range are easy to use and ensure maximum productivity. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, such as second fix works, industrial maintenance and finishing works.”

All sensitive elements are integrated and protected in order to operate without difficulty in cumbersome and dirty environments. At the front, the steering cylinder and the various sensors are positioned inside the chassis to avoid damage. At the rear, the ladder, the asynchronous motors (AC), the platform and charger sockets are fully built into the counterweight. It acts as a bumper and prevents costly and time-consuming repairs. To simplify transport, lateral and longitudinal forklift pockets are available.

At the scissor arms level, the routing of the cables and hoses is carefully designed. The cross-brace tubes provide rigidity to the platform when working at height. The guardrails of the new Compact scissors have been reinforced using larger section tubes. Two vertical reinforcement bars help to absorb impacts and limit deformation over time. All models are equipped with easily foldable guardrails as standard, which remain in the footprint of the chassis when folded.

Climbing slopes

Compact scissors can climb slopes up to 25 percent and lift up to 450 kilograms (1,000 pounds - three persons) depending on the model. Full height travel is possible for maximum productivity. The Compact 8N, 10 and 12 models (Compact 2032 E, 2647 E and 3247 E in North America) operate indoors and outdoors without height or load restrictions.

Two chassis widths are available. The models with a narrow chassis of 0.8 meters offer greater maneuverability. The wide models (1.2-meter chassis) have a larger working area and can carry more loads and materials. The switch from hydraulic drive to asynchronous motors has significantly improved the energy efficiency of the machine.

The new Compact scissors can be equipped with the Sherpal telematics solution to increase their utilization rate. The Sherpal connected box allows to locate the machines in real time and to visualize their operational status. An alert is sent when a dangerous behavior is identified (overload, deactivation of safety functions...), thus reducing the risk of accidents. Haulotte’s telematics system also allows to know the actual use of machines in the field. By setting time slots and work zones per site, fleet managers can easily detect out-of-contract use.

The scissors of the Compact range combine comfort and safety. The electric transmission (AC motors) ensures smooth operation on the way to the work area. The proportional movements allow precise maneuvers. The intuitive upper control box is equipped with an ergonomic joystick and a drive speed selector. The front steering wheels allow an optimal turning radius since the motors are located at the rear.

In order to protect drivers effectively, Compact scissors can be equipped with a new secondary guarding system. The device is integrated into the upper control box and detects the driver’s position and movements in real time using Lidar technology. A warning light and audio announcements, available in 13 languages, inform the operator of the system’s status in real time. In dangerous situations, the machine stops immediately and blocks aggravating movements. Reverse movements are still allowed so that the operator can move away from the obstacle.

To improve the performance and the lifespan of the battery, Compact scissors are equipped with Haulotte Activ’ Energy Management. The intelligent CAN BUS charger monitors battery parameters to ensure optimal charging. It also incorporates dedicated charge cycles for battery maintenance (desulfation, equalization, etc.). To reduce maintenance costs and efforts, the system can be fitted with centralized watering solutions, either manual or automatic.