Product of the Week - Volvo Load Assist

Product of the Week - Volvo Load Assist

Available on new Volvo wheel loaders ranging from L110H to L250H, Volvo Load Assist provides both real-time intelligence to the operator and documentation of work orders for the owner and their customers. Managed through the Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab interface, Load Assist is designed to eliminate the guesswork associated with loading accurate tonnage, reducing occurrences of reweighing and reloading, as well as providing opportunity for the owner to expedite paperwork and improve operator training.

Through the 10-inch, high-resolution touchscreen Co-Pilot interface, the operator is able to set up projects in just a few touches by selecting customer name, work order number, target tonnage and material type. These settings can be stored for future work orders, and the number of customer presets is virtually limitless.

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