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Canadian Equipment Rental Fund Announces Record 2Q Results

Canadian Equipment Rental Fund Limited Partnership, doing business as 4-Way Equipment Rentals last week announced results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2006. The partnership's sales for the period were a record-breaking CD $4.4 million. Net income for the quarter was 10 cents per share and 31 cents for the six months. Gross revenues showed a 165-percent increase over the same six-month period in 2005 due to increased equipment sales; aggressive fleet growth of $2.2 million, representing a 47-percent increase over its June 30, 2005 fleet; and continued customer demand for its equipment and services.

According to Wayne Wadley, president of the CERF GP Corp., management is very optimistic going forward because customers in all industries continue to report a long list of projects ahead of them with no reprieve in sight.

Some contractors are already requesting quotes for winter heating equipment and booking heaters for the winter to insure availability, Wadley says. Shortages of equipment caused by the disasters in the southern United States last year have prompted customers to address their needs earlier.

CERF is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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