Product Spotlight, Concrete & Masonry Saws, June 2011

June 1, 2011
Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson's newest walk-behind floor saws, the BFS 614B (pictured) and BFS 614AB, are designed to bridge the gap between a hand-held

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson's newest walk-behind floor saws, the BFS 614B (pictured) and BFS 614AB, are designed to bridge the gap between a hand-held cut-off saw and a larger walk-behind saw. As an alternative to using a cut-off saw with a cart, these compact saws offer better and faster cutting, and have a more stable design and operator ergonomics, the maker says. The BFS 614 models come with a 14-inch blade diameter and maximum cutting depth of 4.9 inches. The BFS 614B is equipped with a 6-hp Wacker Neuson 4-cycle engine. The BFS 614AB is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda engine with a cyclonic filter. Both models are suited for small cuts in asphalt and concrete.

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The Hilti DSH 700 and DSH 900 hand-held gas saws are designed for rental customers with features such as a high-power, fast cutting speed, an easy-to-remember starting procedure and simple controls. Applications include cutting wet/dry concrete and asphalt for small repair projects, expansion joints and curbs, brick and concrete block, as well as cutting small floor or wall openings. Isolated handles with metal springs minimize vibrations and maximize saw control. Standard features include a cyclone filtration system and simple rope replacement for easy maintenance and maximum durability.

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EDCO introduces its new 24-inch self-propelled saw. Like other EDCO saws, the new SS-24 is constructed of heavy-gauge steel, and heavy-duty shaft and bearing assemblies. These upgrades are designed to allow the EDCO saws to cut miles of roadway with little to no vibration. A precise blade-depth control guarantees accurate cutting, while the blade-saver feature prevents accessory damage by stopping the saw when its water supply becomes disconnected, the maker says. The saw's maximum cutting depth is 9.5 inches.

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General Equipment

Designed to follow random crack patterns in concrete surfaces, General Equipment Co.'s CS8 Random Crack Saw uses 8-inch diameter, dry-cut type diamond blades to produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack-filling procedures. Power is supplied by an 11-hp Honda engine equipped with a Cyclone-type air filter system for maximum protection against fine-grained dust contamination. An available propane engine conversion allows use in confined areas where gasoline fumes are not permissible. Maximum cutting width is ½ inch and maximum straight-line cutting depth is 1½ inches.

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Husqvarna's new electric wire saw, the CS 10, uses components from the company's WS 440 HF and WS 482 HF electric wall saws to create a powerful and flexible saw system for cutting through larger concrete structures. The CD 10 is coupled to the wall saw's operating unit, track and power supply so switching between a wall saw and a wire saw is quick and easy. The saw unit can be mounted on either side of the wall saw track and the wire can be rotated in both directions making it more flexible. The CS 10 wire saw is designed to be easy to maneuver and is controlled by remote control. The system can be used for all types of wire saw jobs including foundations, bridges and thick walls.

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CS Unitec

CS Unitec's heavy-duty pneumatic cut-off saws are designed for wet or dry cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, masonry, steel and other tough materials. The hand-held models cut up to 7 inches deep. The saws accept either diamond or abrasive blades. With no belts, pistons, fuel lines or carburetors, these saws are engineered to require very little maintenance. The CSH-150 gear-driven model is 9.5 hp and its maximum blade capacity of 18 inches allows a 7-inch depth of cut. The CSH-150 consumes 92 cfm at 100 psi and the motor has a no-load speed of 3,200 rpm. It weighs 28 pounds.

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